13 March 2018

To the Beloved People of MCC,

Thank you for feedback on Part 1 of the Listening Tour report. The report’s pie charts are now adjusted to ensure visual accessibility and can be found on MCC’s website: http://mccchurch.org/listening-tour-report-part-1-released/ . Translations into Spanish, Portuguese, and German are underway for Part 1 and now Part 2. Translations will be released when completed.

Some of you have expressed a desire for a fuller conversation beyond the data and analysis of words presented in the Part 1, "Discovery" release of the Listening Tour Report. The deeper discussion begins in Part 2 and Part 3. 

The Listening Tour Report intends to help realize benefits and overcome challenges experienced by many within MCC during this time of transition. It is my hope that Part 2 begins many conversations of discernment around the multiple needs described. The greatest challenge in writing a report that addresses the necessities for a global movement is to avoid over generalization and disproportionate focus on one geographic region. Great effort has gone into the preparation of Part 2 to ensure this stage of discernment expands to include many of the concerns expressed during the Listening Tour. 

If local communities have experienced needs other than what appears in Part 2, please reach out directly with descriptions for further discernment. Contact Jack Hutter, Assistant to the Moderator, at jackhutter@MCCchurch.net .

There is still one more piece to the full report. Part 3, which is a focus on the “Path Forward,” will be released 26 March 2018.   

The Listening Tour Webinar is 19 April 2018, at 4:30 pm EDT (8:30 pm UTC).
It is my prayer that we hear one another and what the Spirit is saying to the churches. 

Many blessings to you and all of MCC,

Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown 
Interim Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches