Newsletter - December 8, 2017

We presented the latest in our major research project about the Partition of British India in 1947, at the Asia Society in New York on Nov 30, 2017. The video of the event, featuring leading faculty and researchers from Harvard and beyond, is now available.

The International community has largely overlooked the historical study of Partition, despite the fact that it is one of the world’s largest humanitarian displacements. At present, forced migration and the impact of refugee populations is a major topic of media and academic interest in the 21st century. In that context, Partition is an exemplar and precursor to contemporary forced migration. 

" When I was 18, I traveled to Pakistan as part of a university debating team. We crossed the border on foot and reached Pakistan just in time to see the flag ceremony between the two countries. After growing up hearing about Pakistan as an unknown and dangerous place, it was the most incredible experience in my life to visit Pakistan, to meet the people and find out that we share so much in common. "

Ameya Kilara, MPA 2018
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" That such a high percentage of Indian Americans living in the U.S. is undocumented comes as a surprise to many. Indian Americans are, by far, the most affluent and educated immigrant community in the United States ."

Ronak D. Desai, LMSAI Affliiate

“I hope that with this endowed gift, this tradition will continue for a long, long time and there will be people who in the same way I can say today, feel magically touched by all the things that this institute does.”

Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School
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