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Message from Executive Director Christie Brown

ReSource has been celebrating our 30 years of serving nonprofits all year long. We'll culminate our festivities on October 28 in the Champions Club at Great American Ballpark. 

As we reflect on our roots of the past and wings for the future, we look for new ways to be of service. We also are looking at how we can build more partnerships with our members. We welcome your suggestions for new ways that we can support our members in your work and how we can work together to achieve greater impact.

We are working on the Building Blocks for Nonprofits seminar series for 2017. If you have suggestions for seminar topics you would like us to feature, please email me with your suggestions!

Please consider helping us grow and serve! Recommend ReSource membership to other agencies! Share a photo or post of how you are benefiting from ReSource on Facebook! LIKE us on Facebook! Be an ambassador and tell your corporate friends how they can donate in-kind items to ReSource!  We all grow stronger when we work together!

Thank you for your partnership,

Christie Brown
Have You Joined the Madness?

March Madness takes a new turn in 2017 with "Fundraising Madness" and Brackets for Good. 

Brackets for Good

What is Brackets For Good?
Picture the annual college basketball tournament. Now, replace the teams with local nonprofits grouped by organization size, and change the competition to fundraising where online match-ups are one week long and $1 donated = 1 point.  Nonprofits advance through the single elimination tournament by scoring more points than their opponent (raising more money) and the winning organization receives an additional $10,000.

Register by October 28. Brackets for Good will follow-up with more information.

Note from ReSource: We've checked this group out and they are great to work with and there is no "catch" to this. Not all agencies who register will be able to participate because it is limited to 64 entries, and they have a unique screening process to select the agencies who will see the most successful results.
Have You Checked Out Our Free Area?

Sometimes we get donations that are not in high demand, more than we have demand for, or just have remained in our warehouse for several months for whatever reason.

We need to make room for new donations coming in, so rather than discard these items, we want to try to find a good home for them. Please check out our new "Free to Good Home" area, just inside as you enter our warehouse showroom. All items within the blue tape line are available for FREE! (Excludes the sign board that reads "Free To Good Home"!) 

These items are free to any member, for agency or agency client use. As with all other items from ReSource, these cannot be taken for resale or for agency staff's personal use. But if you can find a creative use for some of these items, we hope you will take things and benefit from them in some way!

What Questions Would You Like Research On?

U.C.'s Institute for Policy Research conducts the Greater Cincinnati Survey (GCS) twice each year. For more than 30 years, decision makers, planners and policymakers have used the GCS to gather reliable information at an affordable price. Questions can be asked of residents of the 8-county Greater Cincinnati area, residents of Hamilton County only, or residents of City of Cincinnati only.  Using the GCS, you can measure public awareness of your organization's services, identify citizen priorities for various services, monitor public opinion on policy issues, or determine needs of different segments of the population. 

If you have questions that you would like to ask in the Fall 2016 survey, contact Kim Downing at the Institute for Policy Research by October 17 via email or phone 513-556-5028.

HolidayGiftsHoliday Gifts - Stock Up on Discounted Toys From Good360

Getting ready for holiday gift drives? Stock up on discounted games, toys, crafts and other items from Good360. Any nonprofit is eligible for Good360 membership, and prices listed include shipping directly to your agency. If you are a ReSource member and register with Good 360 under our umbrella membership, some items qualify for an additional 20% discount. 

Register or learn more at To register under ReSource's CRP membership, contact their membership department at 703-299-7537. Or contact us at ReSource for more information.

Here's a sample of some items from their catalog:
Burnout4 Smart Ways to Avoid Burnout for Nonprofit Professionals 

Working at a nonprofit can be a pressure cooker. Trying to manage huge workloads with limited resources can easily trap us into thinking that working nights and weekends after a full day at the office is the answer.Overworking will not only steal your clarity but ultimately zap your energy.

We've all heard the advice on a plane to "put your oxygen mask on first," but we roll our eyes and call it cliché. That simple statement is probably the most powerful piece of advice you'll ever hear about the importance of taking care of yourself first above all others.

Every human being depends on what we call the Wellness Triad, the three most basic and essential needs we have as human beings to be at our optimal health and peak performance: Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise.

The ubiquity of our mobile devices has made us more mindless about how often we use them. We'll be the first to tell you that technology is awesome, but we need to learn good habits around using our tech devices, and we're suffering because of it.

Your body and brain need downtime to replenish your energy.  Take a break from your computer and walk outside. 

You may not be the boss at your organization, but you are the boss of you and should stand firm when a work request interferes with your day-to-day health and wellbeing. 

These tips were written by Beth Kanter from the Guidestar Blog. Read the full article at Guidestar Blog/Four Ways to Avoid Burnout.
BuildingBlocksBuilding Blocks for Nonprofits Seminars: Upcoming Schedule

October 12 Diane Jordan-Grizzard Coaching for Best Performance
November 9 Jane Page-Steiner Organizational & Strategic Planning with your Nonprofit: Why, When, How

Register here for an upcoming seminar online.

The "Building Blocks" seminar series is made possible in part by Interact for Health and 
U.S. Bank.  
BenefitsMembership Benefits

ReSource membership offers many great benefits. If you are not a current ReSource member, consider joining today! Download our membership application.

Benefits include:
  • Access to warehouse of donated furniture
  • Access to donations from retail partners like Walmart and Costco
  • Event decór loans (fee to nonmembers)
  • Grant research with
  • Discounts on Building Blocks for Nonprofits seminars
  • Good360 product discounts
  • ThriveGPO discounts at Staples Advantage and more
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