Pasadena Origami Festival    
                                  Origami Flower by Theo Marsh, age 12 

Open Day Last Sunday
September 24th  
10am to 4pm  
$7.50 online / $10 at the gate  
(Online reservations advised)   
Experience the Magic of Folding Paper!
Sunday will be a beautiful day in Southern California and if you are looking for a great way to spend the day outdoors with your family or by yourself, come to the garden and learn to fold unique origami flowers, creatures, and geometric forms with the experts of Pacific Ocean Paperfolders (POP).
The garden outside the teahouse will be transformed into an outdoor paperfolding classroom. With instructions provided by Jared Needle, Michael Sanders and Bryan Yu of POP, and the assistance of our volunteers, you are sure to go home with some treasures in paper.
The day will also include two animated talks by Joel Stern, a r enowned origami artist and author who conducts workshops at many schools in the area to stimulate young imaginations and creativity through the age-old art of paper folding. He will introduce and sign his new book Storigami. 
Asian art historian, Meher McArthur, will also give a presentation on origami as a contemporary art form and sign copies of her recently published book, New Expressions in Origami Art (Tuttle, 2017).
Festival Program  
10am to 4pm: Origami Folding Stations 
(next to the teahouse):
1) Paper Cranes for Peace  
2) Folding Flowers and Animals  
3) Fun with Simple Modulars 
4) Kids Teach Kids Origami   
11:30am-12pm: Storigami with Joel Stern
Talk followed by book-signing (in the Main Room of the House)

1pm-1:45pm: New Expressions in Origami Art with Meher McArthur  
Talk followed by book-signing (in the Main Room of the House)

2pm-2:30pm: Storigami with Joel Stern
Talk followed by book-signing (in the Main Room of the House)
Japanese tea will be served in the teahouse, and snacks and drinks for the kids will be for sale.  
Reservations are almost sold out--you can make one now by going here! 
Open Day Last Sunday is from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Docent tour at 11:00.
The garden is wheelchair accessible. Sorry, no pets allowed. Members receive complimentary admission for two. Children 12 and under are free.   

Remember: The City of Pasadena prohibits our visitors from parking on the surrounding residential streets. Please follow the signs to park on-site. On Open Day Last Sunday, parking is also available in the lot we share with the Westridge School on Madeline Drive. It is accessible from Pasadena Avenue.

Now open at the garden...       

 The First Exhibition Featured
At The New En Gallery
Named for the ancient Roman festival held in honor of Flora, the Goddess of Flowers, the exhibition Floralia features modern Western paintings of flowers, including still life works by Marcel Dyf and Jacques Danglas, and several antique Audubon prints. Also featured will be a selection of small but stunning antique Chinese watercolor paintings.  
About the En Gallery at the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden
In Japanese, the word "en" ( ) can mean garden. Written with another character ( ), "en" signifies the special, and often mysterious, bond that connects people. It also refers to the verandah - a space between inside and outside. Located in the Meeting Room of the house looking out on the garden, the gallery will feature exhibitions of art relating to nature, spirituality, wellness and relationships. The exhibitions will spotlight art of diverse styles from all around the world and will be curated by Meher McArthur, an Asian art historian and the garden's Creative Director.    
This exhibition runs through December 7 and may be viewed during the garden's open hours or by appointment. The works in the exhibition, and future exhibitions, will be for sale, and part of the proceeds will benefit the garden's educational and cultural programming.

The Power and Beauty
of the Japanese Sword
 A Special Evening with Collectors  
Friday, October 27
5:30pm to 7:30pm 
The Japanese sword is one of the most highly revered objects in Japanese traditional culture. Said to embody the spirit of the samurai warrior, the sword - especially the curved katana blade - is also one of the most exquisitely crafted art forms created in Japan. For centuries, Japanese swordsmiths have been highly respected for their ability to forge blades that are not only sharp and powerful but also serenely beautiful, often patterned with an ethereal hamon that evokes a misty mountain range, crashing waves or drifting clouds. Not surprisingly, these blades have been passed on through generations as family treasures and are now passionately collected around the world.

Please join us at the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden for a unique evening with Japanese sword collectors Yurie Halchek and Richard Suran, who will not only share with us their knowledge about the history and production of these precious weapons but also show us a number of swords from their collections, some of which date back 1,000 years. They will also bring with them several sword fittings, such as tsuba and menuki, which are remarkable works of artistry in their own right.

Tickets for this special event are $30 per person, (discounts apply for garden members) and will include a reception in the garden with wine and appetizers before the talk. Space is limited so reservations are required and can be made on the Programs and Reservations page of the website.  
Plein Air Watercolor Painting Classes
With Instructor Pete Morris

Pete Morris is in the garden again with his students on Friday mornings from 9:30am to 12:00pm. A favorite at the garden, Pete has a loyal following but newcomers and beginners always feel welcome. Join this class and experience the beauty of the garden in a new way with guidance of your artistic exploration.

Email your interest to:

We have fun and we need you!  
You can apply on the website to be one of our valued volunteers.  Click on this image on the home page to  send us an application, or click here now to email us.   

Take a docent tour--free with admission at 11:00am or 2:00pm on Open Thursday, and 11:00am on Open Day Last Sunday. Reservations for the tours are not necessary but if there are more than six
people in your group, please email the garden to let us know.  

Experience the peace of the garden on Open Thursday and the last Sunday of every month. Hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm You may make a reservation  for admission on our website for $7.50 or pay $10 upon arrival (children 12 and under are free.) The garden is wheelchair accessible. Sorry, no pets allowed.


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