January/February 2018
PastPerfect Online Fun Fact
Beyond the United States, there are 79 PastPerfect Online sites across the globe in countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Malta, and Namibia.
Improved Search by Term Feature
Search by Term allows visitors to search your collection by selecting a term from an alphabetical list of the People, Creator, Search Term, and Subject data from your online catalog records. With the latest improvement, the People and Creator searches now include the name and picture of the person who has been searched for. You can click on the name to learn more about the person.

This feature is automatically implemented on all sites using Search by Term. If you are not yet using Search by Term and would like to activate it for your site, you can do so using the steps in the following User Guide article: http://museumsoftware.com/ppohelp/#t=IMSSearchByTermTab3001.htm.
Upload Checklist
Most of the work to set up your site is completed during your initial upload. Selecting which fields to share online, changing how the field names display on your site, and setting up advanced search are all steps that do not need to be modified once they have been set up to your liking. You can make adjustments to these settings at any time if you like, but it is not required each time you update the records on your site.

To help streamline the process of updating your site, and to make sure that no steps are skipped, we created a "PastPerfect Online Upload Checklist." Once you are done with your initial upload and are happy with your settings, you can use this checklist to easily update the content of your site. You can find the checklist here: 
Recent Webinars
Were you able to attend our recent "Lunchtime Lecture" series? You can find information about each class, including recordings, at http://museumsoftware.com/ppolunch. Each class is self-contained and about 45 minutes long.
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