July/August 2016
Fun Fact
Pennsylvania and California are tied for the states with the most number of organizations using PastPerfect Online - 32 each! Some of our smallest states are also making significant contributions: Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have a combined total of 42 museums!
PPO 2.3 Update Released
We have released the latest update to PastPerfect Online. This update includes new features, improvements to existing features, as well as bug fixes. Here is a list of highlights:
  • Customizable Help Text for all search options to instruct your visitors on how to best search your collections. Learn more about Customizable Search Help text here.
  • New "Search by Term" feature allows visitors to search by selecting a name or term from a list, for the following fields: Creator, People, Subjects, Search Terms. Learn more about Search by Term here.
  • Updated Multilevel Linking Functionality for better search results.
Visit one of our Demo Sites to see these new features in action!

If you need help utilizing any of these functions, please call 1-800-562-6080 and ask to speak with a PastPerfect Online team member.
Call for PPO Spotlight Artifacts
In our PastPerfect monthly newsletter, we have been posting a series called "This I Love", which highlights client-selected artifacts from their own PastPerfect Online site. You know your collection best, and this series can help share your enthusiasm for your favorite item. Check out the "This I Love" article in the July Newsletter to see what the staff at the Sycamore Historical Society loves about their collection.

If you would like to propose an item to share from your collection, please email pposupport@museumsoftware.com with your name, the link to the item's record on your PPO site, a short description, and why you love it.
Featured FAQs
Need help with your PastPerfect Online site? Contact us!
Jessica, Allison, and Melissa are happy to help!

You can reach us at pposupport@museumsoftware.com or 1-800-562-6080.
This newsletter is for clients who use PastPerfect Online. We intend to use it as a way to discuss features and training opportunities as well as planned maintenance. Feel free to forward to anyone in your organization who would benefit from its content.