September/October 2016
Milestone: 500 PastPerfect Online 2015 sites
Since we released our updated PastPerfect Online software last year, we have set up over 500 sites! One of the organizations that has recently migrated to the new software is the Amelia Island Museum of History with their amazing collection of historical artifacts and oral history recordings. Check them out at
Want to bring an amazing artifact to the spotlight?
In our PastPerfect monthly newsletter, we have been posting a series called "This I Love", which highlights client-selected artifacts from their own PastPerfect Online site. You know your collection best, and this series can help share your enthusiasm for your favorite item. Check out the "This I Love" article in the September Newsletter to see what the staff at the National Woman's Party loves about their collection.

If you would like to propose an item to share from your collection, please email with your name, the link to the item's record on your PPO site, a short description, and why you love it.
Sharing Multimedia Files with PastPerfect Online
Including links to multimedia files (audio, video, PDF) from your catalog records can greatly enrich your web visitor's experience. Give visitors the ability to watch an object in action or listen to an oral history. There are three options for hosting media files:
  • PPO Links: Organizations using PPO Links have all of their online storage and server maintenance taken care of by PastPerfect. PPO Links is an additional hosting package, separate from your PPO Annual Hosting.
  • Self-Hosting: Some organizations may have a server where their main website is already hosted. If so, you can check with your hosting service to see if you can store multimedia files as well
  • Online Hosting: Specialized online hosting is available for specific file types. Examples of specialized hosting options are and
Once your files are uploaded and accessible online you will need to enter the URL for the item into your PastPerfect catalog record. Once the URL is entered into PastPerfect you will create and upload your files for PastPerfect Online in the normal way. You can find full instructions about linking to Multimedia files in our PPO 2015 Online User Guide.

If you have questions about PPO Links or about linking to self-hosted media files please call us at 1-800-562-6080 - we are happy to help.
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