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Open Blue Cobia
Open Blue Cobia is a truly versatile fish that offers a world of culinary possibilities. The high quality sashimi grade means you can enjoy it raw or cooked across a wide range of applications. As for the taste - it can't be beat; with a rich buttery flavor it is uniquely delicious any way you prepare it.

Since it's sashimi grade, you can have it raw as well as cooked. Try it in sushi, tataki style or sashimi slices - perfect for ceviche too!
The texture makes it perfect to grill, broil, bake, or sear. Cobia is great in any recipe - a truly versatile fish.

What's arriving this week!
The local crabs have arrived and just in time for your Mother's Day menus. Prices have dropped in half this week.
Maryland crab houses are producing Jumbo softies so lock down your pricing and orders during this very competitive time.

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Oysters in stock:

Oysters Locals (Virginia/Maryland) 100 ct 33036
Oysters Blue Pt (Conn) 100 ct 33030
Oysters Breaded 33050
Oysters Cananda Cup (Prince Edward Island) 33030CC
Oysters Chesapeake Gold (Maryland) 33030CG
Oysters Chincoteague (Virginia) 33030C
Oysters Gold Creek (Washington) 33060GM
Oysters Half Shell (frozen)120 per 33048
Oysters Holy Grail (Maryland) 33030HG
Oysters Kumamoto (Orig - Japan) 33060K
Oysters Malpeque (Prince Edward Island) 33035M
Oysters Mirada Bay 33060MB
Oysters Olde Salts (Virginia) 33030OS
Oysters Rappahannock (Virginia) 33030R
Oysters Select Pint 33045P
Oysters Shells 33035S
Oysters Shucked Count 33046
Oysters Shucked Select 33045
Oysters Wellfleet (Massachusetts) 33030WF
Oysters, Fat Baby 33030FB
Oysters, Miyagi 33060M
Oysters, Rochambeau 33030RB
Oysters, Wildcat Cove 33060WC
Oysters,Cape May Salts (New Jersey) 33030CM

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