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8 Areas of Challenges for Pastoral Ethics

Pastor Bob shares with us a short list of areas where pastors can easily be challenged in their pastoral ethics .  A failure in any one of these areas could damage your credibility with your church, or even worse.      

PK / MK Retreat 2017

This year's retreat looks amazing, and being held at one of our favorite locations: Rumney Bible Conference!  Specifically for Pastors' and Missionaries' children, ages 12-18 years old in 6th-12th grade.  October 7-9    More info

Minister's Retreat 2017

Come withdraw with us and return home in 48 hours, refreshed, encouraged and challenged to love Jesus more, and to serve Him with greater effectiveness!  Featuring Rod and Cindy Loy, Dr. Ron McManus and Sue and Jeff Duffield.    More info

Simply Worship Fall 2017

In 2017,SNEMN Worship Arts  is joining forces with Simply Worship Conferences . We feel the prospectus for an enhanced equipping experience for our church music/worship teams at Simply Worship is significant.    More info 

Keep in mind...

           4-6   Catalyst Atlanta
           7-9   PK Retreat
            12   Catalyst Conversation - Sturbridge, MA           
            14   Daisy Prim Rally            
       23-25   Minister's Retreat            
            21   School of Ministry - Providence, RI            
            28   Simply Worship Conference - Concord, NH            
            28   School of Ministry - Spanish            
            28   School of Ministry - Sturbridge, MA

              4   Youth Leader's Conference - Shrewsbury, MA
              9   Catalyst Conversation - Sturbridge, MA
       16-18   Women's Ministries Conference - Sturbridge, MA
            21   School of Ministry - Providence, RI            
            23   Thanksgiving - Office Closed 

              2   School of Ministry - Sturbridge, RI            
              2   School of Ministry - Spanish, RI            
              2   School of Ministry - Providence, RI             
            14   Catalyst Conversation - Sturbridge, MA
            25   Christmas