Pastor Rob McCoy, Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks and Thousand Oaks City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, is praying for a garden and has grabbed the hoe in California.
November 6, 2018, is high-priority - we may say that each election cycle, but the fact remains that it is. As a reminder, there are 33 U.S. Senate seats up in 2018, of which 23 are Democrat senators up for reelection. Of those 23, 10 are in states that Donald J. Trump won in 2016. Candidate Trump won 5 of those 10 states by double digits: MO, IN, WV, SD and MT.
It needs to be said again, there’s nothing good or bad in itself regarding the Democrat or Republican Party. Both are empty vessels holding like-minded constituents. Evangelicals are not housed in one that champions abortion, transgender bathrooms, and same-sex intercourse and marriage. Each repository supports different beliefs, and thus a different God or ‘god’. HIS law must be the standard or yardstick by which all human laws are measured. [2] The battle is not Democrat vs. Republican, but Christianity vs. Secularism.
Here’s the danger we face. In 2008 Democrats controlled just 1 of the 13 U.S. Courts of Appeals, which provide the feeder system for cases before the Supreme Court. Today, Democrats - who embrace abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, big government, transgender bathrooms, and coercive redistribution of wealth - control 9 of the 13. Since Democrats cannot win at the ballot box on cultural issues, they impose their ideology through the Courts.
Take the Obergefell vs. Hodges case from 2015. Voters in state after state, by wide margins, voted to ban homosexual marriage:

  • Kentucky 75%
  • Florida 62%
  • Virginia 57%
  • Georgia 76%
  • Texas 76%
  • Idaho 63%
  • California 52%
  • Kansas 70%
  • Michigan 59%
  • Louisiana 78%
  • Nebraska 70
  • N. Carolina 61%
  • N. Dakota 52%
  • S. Dakota 73%
  • Alabama 71%
  • S. Carolina 78%
  • Arkansas 75%
  • Utah 66%
  • Ohio 62%
  • Wisconsin 59%
  • Oklahoma 76%
  • Arizona 56%
  • Colorado 56%
  • Missouri 72%
  • Mississippi 86%
  • Montana 67%
  • Nevada 67%
  • Oregon 57%
  • Tennessee 81%
Yet, five unelected and unaccountable U.S. Supreme Court Justices dictated their immorality, overturning millions of voters in the Obergefell vs. Hodges case. Since God is the ultimate source of standards, these five progressive Justices offended HIM directly. Shamefully, the Legislative Branch surrendered long ago its constitutional duty with regard to ‘checks and balances’, which were designed to keep one branch from amassing excessive power.
The spiritual weapons of warfare for the Church include prayer and tears as the weapons of Heaven. Reestablishing prayer in America’s churches is consequently our only hope. “Tears have a tongue, and grammar, and language that our Father knoweth. Babes have no prayer for the breast, but weeping: the mother can read hunger in weeping.” [Samuel Rutherford]
Of the weapons of warfare in a democratic republic, the real currencies are, ‘How many votes can you bring to the table?’ and ‘How much money can you bring that brings votes to the table?’ Many of our friends are of the mistaken belief that press conferences, press releases, and getting a shout-out on FOX News furnish campaign currency. That PR approach is good for fundraising, boosting one’s reputation, elevating one’s image, and advancing oneself. It is useless to run a bus across the state when 50% of the vote is already in from early voting.
It is highly instructive how Michelle Obama is promoting the new megahit movie Black Panther, and that Black Lives Matter is orchestrating voter registration drives at the movie theaters where its playing. It makes you wonder whether these activities are conjoined with Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action, and/or are funded by anti-American, atheist billionaire George Soros. They, my friends, are getting ready for their Mission Trip on November 6, 2018.
Gideons and Rahabs must stand in 2018.
David Lane
American Renewal Project
[1] Joseph Boot, The Mission of God, A Manifesto of Hope For Society
[2] Ibid.