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News from Bioneers | February 21, 2012

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New Bioneers Free Resource for Mapping Local Food & Energy Systems
Magical Realism: Bioneers Paul Stamets & Louis Schwartzberg Collaborate On A Short Film
Great New Book By Bioneers Conference Panel & Radio Series Presenter Billy Parish
Cultivating Women's Leadership Intensives, June & August 2012

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23rd Annual Bioneers Conference

Friday - Sunday

October 19-21, 2012

Marin Center

San Rafael, California




Bioneers Moving Image Festival's First Online Screening: Play Again



On March 7, 2012 at 5:30 PM (Pacific Time), there will be a special online screening of Play Again, a popular film from the 2010 Bioneers Moving Image Festival.


At a time when children play more inside than outside, this film follows six teenagers who, like the "average American child," spend 5 to 15 hours a day behind screens. The filmmaker unplugs these teens and takes them on their first wilderness adventure.  


Play Again has been winning awards at film festivals around the world. Following the screening on March 7th, join director Tonje Hessen Schei and Bioneers Education For Action Program Manager Shana Rappaport for a live special conversation and Q&A about the consequences of a childhood removed from nature. Sign up here: the fee is $10 and a portion of the proceeds will support Bioneers.


Most of the Moving Image Festival 2011 post-screening Q&As are available for viewing on our website free of charge now. Watch inspiring discussions with leading experts and filmmakers.


It's All Alive

It's All Connected

It's All Intelligent

It's All Relatives


Bioneers Swirl  


Bioneers is proud to be a community partner of the  

San Francisco Green Film Festival, March 1-7, 2012.  

Click here for a complete schedule of films and events.  





A Unique Exploration  

of Art and Sustainability

Art, agriculture, architecture and dreams of a healthier future in the Land of Enchantment


A Nine-Day Guided Tour in Northern New Mexico 

Offered by Seven Directions, Cultural & Sustainable Tours

July 20-28, 2012


The Bioneers Dreaming New Mexico program has partnered with Seven Directions to plan one very special day within Seven Directions' upcoming nine-day tour offering. Bioneers' unique contribution focuses on healthy food systems and indigenous culture and agriculture.


Explore Northern New Mexico's unique culture and striking landscape. Discover the region's extraordinary blend of creativity and sustainability. Meet innovators, artists, farmers and chefs dedicated to creating ecological and social transformation.


Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from and enjoy the company of a dynamic group of artistic change-makers whose visions and creations are influenced by the magnificent high desert environment of Northern New Mexico, the challenges of modern reality and visions of a greener future.


The nine-day trip features a Bioneers Dreaming New Mexico tour of a highly diverse biodynamic Pueblo farm. Other tour highlights include a Native Cultural Feast, a river trip, Star Axis, an architectonic sculpture in the desert, and other world-acclaimed art and artists.

Participants will be escorted by experts, stay at historic hotels, taste the distinctive food of regional and native cuisine, and participate in a phenomenal cooking experience. Each day opens a new window on a rich universe of innovative ecological and social ideas.


Registration deadline:  

May 11, 2012


To learn more, or register, click here.



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New Bioneers Free Resource For Mapping
Local Food & Energy Systems

The byword these days is resilience -- preparing to withstand and adapt to the major shocks bedeviling our dysfunctional and brittle systems. One key to resilience is decentralization, and the national and global trend toward greater decentralization of our basic systems is among the most hopeful and dynamic shifts in the world today.     

We're pleased to announce the release of the
Dreaming New Mexico Methods booklet. We created it in response to many requests from around the country and world as to how we went about "future mapping" for "The Age of Renewables" and "The Age of Local Foodsheds and a Fair Trade State" at the local level.


The free Methods booklet from this award-winning project (Buckminster Fuller Challenge, sole runner-up 2009, semi-finalist 2011) gives you practical tools, insights and tips not only on the complex process of how to map existing systems (in all their glorious dysfunction), but more importantly on how to "dream" what Buckminster Fuller called the "preferred state." Imagine the year is 2020 and we've done everything right. What would an appropriate energy or food system look like?
The booklet (downloadable and printable) also offers some tips on social entrepreneurship and what you may encounter in attempting a project of this kind.


Naturally every project is unique, and Dreaming New Mexico is definitely not proposed as a model per se, but there are some important lessons learned that could apply to creating or advancing your own venture. We invite your feedback. Let's all Dream Planet Earth.


"At heart, Dreaming New Mexico addresses the reconciliation of human organization with natural systems, grounded in values of justice, equity, diversity,  

democracy and the conservation economy." 

Magical Realism: Cross-Pollination Between   

Mushrooms and Movies!  


Stamets/Schwartzberg StillOne of our favorite things about Bioneers is the secret pleasure of hooking people up and watching magic happen. Well, magic has definitely happened between our beloved quintessential bioneer, renowned mycologist, author and visionary Paul Stamets, of Fungi Perfecti, and filmmaker-artist Louis Schwartzberg. 


Louis and Paul have teamed up to make a short 3D documentary feature, entitled "Fungal Fantastical: The Spirit of Good", bringing life to life through time-lapse cinematography in the awe-inspiring old-growth forests of Paul's Pacific Northwest.


We began featuring Paul at the 1997 Bioneers conference, and he has been a regular ever since. Bioneers founder Kenny Ausubel first met Louis at the Sundance Film Festival about ten years ago, and for the past few years Louis has been showing his own breathtaking film clips that bring Bioneers crowds to tears, as well as speaking at the conference.


We're thrilled to see both Louis and Paul become so much better known. Louis went on to speak at both TED and TEDx, and his "Nature, Beauty, Gratitude" presentation is now the second-most viewed TEDx presentation of all time, almost 2 million views across social media platforms, gaining about 13,000 views per day.


A portion of Louis' "Hidden Beauty" (aka "Wings of Life") feature film narrated by Meryl Streep as the voice of a flower, clips of which he premiered at Bioneers, can also be viewed as a 4-minute montage.


In "Fungal Fantastical: The Spirit of Good", Louis captured stunning images of mushroom growth and the circle of life in salmon forests -- and of Paul Stamets in his natural habitat, in one of his most inspiring and lyrical soliloquies on behalf of fungi and nature:


"Mushroom mycelium represents rebirth, rejuvenation, regeneration. My mission is to understand the language of the fungal networks that communicate with the ecosystem, and I particularly believe that nature is intelligent.   


"We need to have a paradigm shift in our consciousness... I believe nature is a form of good. Good is not only a concept, it is as a spirit. And so, hopefully, the spirit of goodness will survive.


"If we don't get our act together and come in commonality and understanding with the organisms that sustain us today, not only will we destroy those organisms, but we will destroy ourselves.


"If you knew that every breath you took could save hundreds of lives into the future had you walked down that path of knowledge, wouldn't you run down that path of knowledge as fast as you could?"


Making Good -- Great New Billy Parish Book

Billy Parish is one of our heroes. From emerging as a remarkable youth leader who helped organize campuses across the country as founder of the Energy Action Coalition and coordinator of Power Shift, to working with Navajo Nation for a clean energy future, he has a remarkable trail of accomplishments driven by his deep heart, passion and intelligence.  


Now Billy has written a truly important and riveting book:

In his own words:

"When I was 17, I read a book called Ishmael that changed the course of my life. It woke me up to the ecological crisis we faced, and I've been working on solutions ever since. Especially after having kids, the need to make money while also making change became more real than ever, and I found myself having the same conversation over and over again. "I want to work on [fill in the blank] -- Where's the job for that?" ... And I didn't have good answers."


"I found an amazing guy, Dev Aujla, who was looking for answers to the same questions and had just written a short e-book called "Occupation: Change the World." Over the last three years, we did hundreds of interviews, read over a hundred books, analyzed the best leadership development resources we could find and developed a process which we believe can help a lot of people build meaningful careers.


"The result is our book Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money & Community in a Changing World."


"A manifesto and map for a generation desperate for jobs.
Making Good shows readers not so much how they can find
any old job, but more how you can create a career path that
can generate meaning, purpose and money."  

-- Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO of Ashoka, Founder of Get America Working!

We agree. We also invite you to listen to our Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature radio program featuring not only Billy but Jerome Ringo, president of the Apollo Alliance, as well:


Generation Green: Fulfilling the Promise of Jobs and Justice
Climate change. Energy crisis. Economic collapse. We live in a time of unprecedented global crisis...and opportunity. There's a monumental amount of work to be done to make the transition to a restored world, yet young people are unemployed at astonishingly high rates. How can we unlock the green economic opportunities that will open the door to doing well by doing good for generation green and generations to come? Join Apollo Alliance president Jerome Ringo and clean energy leader Billy Parish for a hopeful glimpse into the organizations and programs that will give our children the opportunity to make a living and make a better world. 


Connect, Learn, Strengthen Yourself

Cultivating Women's Leadership Intensives
assemble women of diverse cultures, ages, perspectives and backgrounds to learn from and with each other. These 6-day residential retreats offer each woman an opportunity to:   
  • Clarify her unique assignment or sense of purpose
  • Connect deeply with other women across differences that often divide us
  • Investigate challenges with self-limiting stories and internalized oppression
  • Appreciate her own unique leadership gifts and talents amidst a remarkable community of peers

Testimonial from a participant:"You have made it possible for me to find the strength and courage, the tools and support to continue my work in and for the world. This has been a life-altering experience on the deepest level."


  • Sonoma, California, June 10-15, 2012, Westerbeke Ranch. Application Deadline Monday, April 23rd, 2012
  • Northern New Mexico, August 24-29, 2012, Ocamora Retreat Center. Application Deadline Friday, July 6th, 2012      

Learn more about the intensives here. 


Register online or contact us at or 505-986-0366 ext.129 for more information.