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April 2018

Spring has certainly SPRUNG hasn't it!? I love spring here in Arizona - you just can't beat the weather. It's absolutely perfect. And I don't know about you, but my kids have been hitting the pool already. It's a smidge too cold for me yet, but I'm glad they are enjoying it! Luckily, my husband has been keeping our pool in tip top shape so they can! If yours isn't quite ready and need some help, check out some pool chemical information here

Have you made it out to a Spring Training game or worked out in the yard? Have you been out hiking or have you been able to enjoy the wonderful parks or attractions like the Phoenix Zoo or Botanical Gardens? Whatever you've been up to so far, we hope you are enjoying yourself doing it and we also hope you leave a little shopping time in there! There's no shortage of ads and savings this month as you can see from our Calendar. All of these ads are packed with what you need to get your outdoor living spaces in shape, and now is the time to do it and enjoy it.
Thank you again for your continued business. We know you have choices for your home improvement and supply needs, and we are so glad you choose us. We w ouldn't be here without you!  We love to hear from you so always feel free to drop us a phone call, email or get in touch with us on Like us on Facebook FacebookFollow us on Twitter Twitter and View on Instagram Instagram!  

Tricia Dauwalder-Luna
& The Paul's Helpful Hardware Family
Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines
Yes, we do. :) We are proud to have Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines paints by Kilz. Take a look at the fantastic color pallet of 150 classic colors which includes a distinctive pallet of 25 colors complete with Joanna's color story. This is a premium line of paint and primer in one made by Kilz available in Matte, Eggshell and Satin. it has the amazing stain blocking, hide and coverage you would expect from a top brand like Kilz and is 100% acrylic for easy clean up. My daughter chose the color Texas Summer for her room and it turned out gorgeous. Available at our Scottsdale & McDowell, Fountain Hills, Gilbert & Baseline and Tempe @ Rural locations
Get Your Evap Cooler Ready!  
Evaporative Cooler
If you have an evaporative cooler, you know what a money saver they can be - if they are working properly. Getting them ready for the heat takes a little time, but is worth it in the long run.
If you have the owners manual for your cooler, be sure to check for any maintenance instructions and observe all cautions and warnings.
First, UNPLUG or turn off the electricity to it :) There is no need for it to be on whilst you are messing around with water and electricity in there. Be safe. Next, take the sides off and inspect the filter media. If it is brittle, replace it. Newer media will hold water better which will in turn keep you cooler.
Then, inspect the belt, pump and float valve and ensure they are working properly. Replace worn or cracked belts, and faulty pumps and valves - all are relatively inexpensive.
Clean out any debris, drain from last year if it wasn't done and inspect the body of the cooler for any rust. Steel wool can be used to sand down any rust spots, then spray the cooler body with a cooler coating spray to waterproof and protect against any further rust and corrosion.
Consider using a cooler deodorizer or cooler cake, this will control any odors from algae and bacteria that might start to grow in your cooler and/or cooler pads thus then be blown into your home.
Finally, fill 'er up, turn the power back on to it and go get cool!
P.S. Read more about evaporative cooling including the temps delivered by evaporative coolers  here.

Paul's Preferrals
Paul's Preferral Directory! Need a plumber, painter, handyman? Well we have the list for you! Our Paul's Preferral   list! As some of you may know, it's  a list of people we already know and love. Our own customers. Since they are our customers, we like to scratch their backs as they scratch ours. This month I chose:

Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling
Phone - 480-945-7200
Contact email -
Website - 
Description of Services Offered:
HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement. For remodel or new construction.

If you ARE a plumber, painter, handyman and are interested in becoming a Paul's Preferral, click here to submit your interest

Paul's Ace Hardwarephone
Scottsdale & McDowell
Fountain Hills
Tempe Priest & Broadway
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LED Light Bulbs
Light bulbs got a little confusing didn't they? Take a little mystery out of it and learn how to choose your LED bulbs the easy way here.
Converting doesn't have doesn't have to stop at home. For example, all of our stores have been retrofitted from those old-school 4' or 8' fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs. We have experienced better lighting and a significant electrical savings. We highly recommend you do the same! Your conversion can be as easy as a direct install replacement to a ballast bypass bulb. Come on in and talk to one of our B2B specialists for your business or home for more info!
STIHL one of the best brands! Available at our Scottsdale & McDowell, Fountain Hills, Tempe @ Priest, Gilbert, Via Linda and Payson locations. Go get yours!
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Blast from the Past!
Check out this old ad circa 1960s. Fun facts about it (according to my dad), 1) the phone number was "Whitney" 5-8913 and 2) the address of 714 S Scottsdale Rd is the same as 3028 N Scottsdale Rd. The City of Scottsdale had reset the 0 mark to be Main and Scottsdale Rd, but then decided to change back to Phoenix numbering system. :)
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