Code Compliance Services                                                Volume 1, Issue 8

June 2013

In This Issue
* Texas Heat Requires Extra Safety Inside Vehicles
* "Remember Turtle" Mantra Teaches Youth Not to Bully
* PetSmart Adoptions Beginning of the Legacy - Volunteers Recognized
* Arbrook Plaza Residents Paws-itively Adore Pet Therapy
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Low Cost Veterinarian Services Offered


Low Cost Pet Sterilization at Arlington Animal Services through TCAP on the second Friday of each month 

(by appointment)


Community Pet Outreach provides low cost pet vaccinations at Arlington Animal Services on the last Friday of each month from 1-5 p.m.    



Pets in Texas Heat
 Keep Pets and Children Safe:  "Beat the Heat, Check the Back Seat"


Texas Heat Requires Extra Safety Inside Vehicles


Temperatures will soar inside a parked vehicle, making it a dangerous environment for children and pets.

Be safe and never leave a child or pet unattended inside a vehicle. 


Anti-Bullying Program is Reaching and Teaching Thousands of Arlington Youth 

"Remember Turtle" Mantra Teaches Youth Not to Bully


Turtle the Painting Pit Bull's touching story is prompting students to pledge not to bully.


Animal Services Manager Chris Huff extends appreciation to Arlington Independent School District, Respect A Bull, Inc., and former school principal Sally Amendola for their partnership in this educational program. Read more.



PetSmart Adoptions Volunteers Appreciation Event

PetSmart Adoption Team Volunteers Celebrated at Appreciation Breakfast


PetSmart´┐Ż Adoptions Beginning of the Legacy - Volunteers Recognized  


Dedicated volunteers are greatly appreciated for their importance in the success of the mobile pet adoption events that take place at PetSmart at Arlington Highlands on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month

Read more. 


Arbrook Plaza Resident Receiving Pet Therapy

Arbrook Plaza Resident Receives

 Pet Therapy



Arbrook Plaza Residents' Paws-itively Adore Pet Therapy


Pet Therapy canine volunteer Deacon spread lots of cheer with residents of Arbrook Plaza on April 23.


Animal Services Manager Chris Huff led the event with heartwarming energy and enthusiasm. 

Read more.


  Report Lost and Found Pets at:

Code Compliance Spotlight


Code Compliance Spotlight recognizes Code Compliance Services staff for exceptional performance.
Congratulations, Alex Pollard!
Code Compliance Officer Alex Pollard recently became the Animal Bite Investigator and was recognized as a Huff Buck* recipient for her dedication and hard work during the months of April through June 2013. 
*Arlington Animal Services Manager Chris Huff implemented a program to help motivate and encourage staff to go the extra mile with customers. This is a peer recognition program which allows employees of the shelter to recognize one another for going above and beyond. The employees submit notes of appreciation and acknowledgement from fellow staff members.

Be watching to see who will be the Huff Buck recipient for next quarter!
Good luck Animal Services Center staff. We know you all work hard for the success of the shelter.
Alex Pollard, Huff Buck* Recipient

Congratulations, Robert Rodriguez! 


The South District Code Compliance management team would like to recognize Robert Rodriguez for his outstanding service assisting the Arlington Police Department (APD) with the recovery of a stolen motorcycle in April. While running a call on his route, Robert noticed a motorcycle laying down in an open field behind an apartment complex. Thinking that the bike looked suspicious, he alerted APD to run the plates and it turns out that the bike had been stolen. Robert was able to wait with the property until APD arrived and recovered the stolen bike. The motorcycle was estimated to be worth over $60,000. 


Thank you Robert, for serving our community!


Robert Rodriguez, Code Compliance Officer


Code Compliance Corner



Trees that overhang sidewalks and streets can pose a safety hazard for pedestrians and motorists if they are not trimmed to the required height. Tree branches/vegetation should be trimmed to provide at least a fourteen (14) foot clearance over roadways, and at least a seven (7) foot clearance above sidewalks.        



Report overhanging tree limbs in violation by calling 817-459-6777, or report it online at: 

Overhanging Tree Limbs Violation - Before
Overhanging Tree Limbs Violation - Corrected


Report and Check

Animal and Code Compliance Related Requests Online 

or by phone at




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