Code Compliance Services                                                Volume 1, Issue 7

March 2013

In This Issue
* 2013 Arlington Animal Essay Contest Winners Announced
* Animal Essay Contest Winners Share Essays at Special Event
* Seventh Annual Studio Works Pet Fair Brings Smiles
* Paper Snowflakes Melt Hearts
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Arlington Animal Services Center


Code Compliance

Animal Services
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Code Compliance Inspection Districts 


Info on Common Code Violations


Become a Code Ranger 


Report Graffiti


Low Cost Veterinarian Services Offered


Low Cost Pet Sterilization at Arlington Animal Services through TCAP on the second Friday of each month 

(by appointment)


Community Pet Outreach provides low cost pet vaccinations at Arlington Animal Services on the last Friday of each month from 1-5 p.m.    



Animal Essay Contest Prize Patrol

"Prize Patrol" led by Council member Sheri Capehart


2013 Arlington Animal Essay Contest Winners Announced


This year's annual 2013 Animal Essay Contest was as exciting as ever, with over 1,000 entries by third through sixth grade animal loving students.


This educational, thought provoking contest rewards students with special prizes for winning essays. Read more.

Animal Essay Winners Read Their Essays

Animal Essay Contest winners read their essays at Barnes & Noble at the Parks Mall on March 23


Animal Essay Contest Winners Share Essays at Special Event


Winning essays were read by aspiring future leaders with enthusiasm and earnest to a crowd at Barnes & Noble at the Parks Mall on March 23.


Thoughful essay topics ranged from homeless pets and pet overpopulation, to advice on owning a new pet. Read more.


Studio Works Photography Donation

Studio Works Photography Donates $800




Seventh Annual Studio Works Pet Fair Brings Smiles


Pink Poodles, tiny Chihuahuas, Bull Dogs and more smiled for the camera at the seventh annual Studio Works Pet Fair.


Studio Works Photography owner's donated a generous $800 from proceeds from the event. Read more.



Paper Snowflakes Melt Hearts
Cheri Colbert received donation for the Animal Services Center from Britney Loafman and Emmie Taylor

Paper Snowflakes Melt Hearts


Animal loving Britney Loafman was the inspiration behind what turned out to be a nationwide event through social media, to support Arlington's Animal Services' Center.


Loafman and friend Emmie Taylor raised $105 in donations for handcrafted snowflakes to help homeless animals.


Read more. 


  Report Lost and Found Pets at:

Code Compliance Spotlight


Code Compliance Spotlight recognizes Code Compliance Services staff for exceptional performance.
Congratulations, Stephanie Rogers!
Community Services Agent Stephanie Rogers was recognized as a Huff Buck* recipient for assisting customers, staff and supervisors during the months of January through March 2013. 
*Arlington Animal Services Manager Chris Huff implemented a program to help motivate and encourage staff to go the extra mile with customers. This is a peer recognition program which allows employees of the shelter to recognize one another for going above and beyond. The employees submit notes of appreciation and acknowledgement from fellow staff members.

Be watching to see who will be the Huff Buck recipient for next quarter!
Good luck Animal Services Center staff. We know you all work hard for the success of the shelter.
Stephanie Rogers, Huff Buck Recipient 2QFY2013
Stephanie Rogers, Huff Buck* Recipient

Congratulations, Steve Allen! 


One word describes Code Compliance Officer Steve Allen according

to Field Operations Manager James Triplett...and that word is awesome. Steve is assigned to a Special Enforcement Unit that focuses on improving multi-family property conditions. The City of Arlington has many aging apartment communities under the scope with the goal of strengthening neighborhoods, enhancing livability and protecting property values.   


Typically, apartment units receive a thorough inspection of 5-10% of their total number of units. The ratio of units inspected increases when life-safety violations are found, multiple complaints are received from residents and a property proves to be non-compliant with correcting violations. It is actually Steve's desire to tackle the more violation ridden properties because of the personal fulfillment he gets when he is able to gain compliance and turn a property around to the benefit of the residents and the community.  


One afternoon in October 2012, Steve arrived at the La Joya Apartments to perform a routine inspection, and noticed water coming from one of the buildings. Upon further investigation, a terrible water leak with mold was discovered, with several electrical, structural and fire code violations and more. Arlington Fire Department was called to the scene, and residents in the upper level of the hazardous structure were evacuated for their safety.    


Since that day in October 2012, Steve and the Special Enforcement Unit has performed five 100% blanket property inspections of La Joya Apartments, a 186 unit apartment property with a history of chronic code violations. Since that time he has issued 150 citations, and in the spring of 2013 the property owner was found guilty on all counts. Steve and the Special Enforcement Unit's investigation resulted in nine buildings being declared Dangerous and Substandard Structures.


Steve continues to work diligently to improve the living conditions for apartment residents, and is currently assigned to 29 additional properties in need of egregious enforcement. We commend Steve for all of his hard work, efforts and success at building and protecting thriving neighborhoods. 
Thank you Steve, for protecting our community!


Code Compliance Officer Steve Allen
Steve Allen, Code Compliance Officer


Code Compliance Corner


High weeds and grass on a property is not only an eyesore, it can be a fire hazard during drought conditions. It is a violation to allow grass or weeds to exceed twelve (12) inches in height. Property owners are only provided one notification per year. Those in violation who fail to comply with a request to mow are subject to having their property mowed by a City-hired contractor. The owner of the lot will be billed for the City's expenses plus a $200 administrative fee. If the bill is not paid, interest-bearing liens are placed on the property.       

Report high weeds and grass by calling 817-459-6777, or report it online at 
Weeds and Grass Violation
Weeds and Grass - Before
Weeds and Grass Violation Corrected
Weeds and Grass Violation - Corrected


Report and Check

Animal and Code Compliance Related Requests Online 

or by phone at




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