Code Compliance Services                                                Volume 1, Issue 2

March 2012

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Animal Services New Manager
PetSmart Adoption Events Successful
Birthday Girls Show Support for Shelter Animals
City Leaders Surprise Winners of Animal Essay Contest
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Animal Services Manager Chris HuffAnimal Services New Manager


The Arlington Animal Services Center is full of new-found energy under the leadership of Chrishandra (Chris) Huff, appointed as the new Animal Services Manager as of January 23.


Huff has an impressive list of accomplishments and achievements. She was recently recognized...


Read more.

Mobile Adoption Event at PetSmart South at The Arlington Highlands

PetSmart Adoption Events Successful


Thanks to a new partnership with PetSmart, dozens of adoptable animals from Arlington Animal Services are finding new homes.



Join us at the next PetSmart� South event at 203 E. Interstate 20, Suite 101 at The Arlington Highlands on the second and fourth Saturday of the month...Read more.



Roslyn, Signy and Liesl Ackermann

Birthday Girls Show Support for Shelter Animals


The animals at the shelter have a lot to celebrate! Roslyn, Signy, and Liesl Ackermann, ages three to seven, are very special supporters. These generous young ladies stopped by the shelter to give donations from their birthday party to help the shelter animals. 

Read more.

Animal Essay Contest School Visit Announcing a Winner

City Leaders Surprise Winners of Animal Essay Contest


City leaders, including City Council member Sheri Capehart, surprised winners at schools across Arlington.


The presentation of awards was Tuesday, March 6, at 6 p.m. prior to the City Council meeting. Learn more.


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Code Compliance Corner


Code Compliance seeks compliance with city ordinances pertaining to maintenance, sanitation, rehabilitation, conservation and safety of existing residential and commercial properties, such as:  graffiti, high weeds and grass, junked and nuisance vehicles on the property, cars parked in yards, etc. 

The City of Arlington codes are intended to benefit everyone while making our neighborhoods a better place to live, work, and play. Compliance with these standards can reduse vandalism, deter cirme, maintain property valuse, and prevent deterioration of your neighborhood.
The before photo on the right is an example of an unclean premises with an after photo showing the violation removed.    
Learn more about unclean premises violations. Become a Code Ranger volunteer and help improve your neighborhood. Read more. 
Before - Unclean Premises
After - Violation removed


Report and Check

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