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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Welcome back, and I hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday break! I’m looking forward to this second semester and am encouraged by the work you are and have been doing on our students’ behalf.
As I’ve mentioned in previous correspondence, we must continue to invest our time and resources in you so you can effectively invest in our students. During the latter part of 2017, much-deserved performance-based raises, bonuses and stipends were provided to thousands of our eligible teachers, as well as base salary increases for Head Start staff. In addition, those with SCS medical benefits experienced savings for two pay periods in December, including the premium holiday provided by the District. That’s on top of bonuses for educators at our 2017-18 Reward schools!
Now, we are expanding all of those efforts EVEN FURTHER to include pay raises for other classified employees. Current full- and-part-time classified employees (excluding Head Start staff and teacher compensation-eligible roles) will receive a 2-percent pay increase, effective January 1. As long as you’ve been with the District six months or more by January 1, 2018, an increase will be reflected on your January 12 paycheck.
Since the increase became effective in the middle of a pay period, it will be partially applied to this check, but provided fully on subsequent paychecks. CLICK HERE for further details about the raise calculations. These guidelines were established to provide this one-time, across-the-board pay raise. 
We will continue to improve our level of support and investment in you, and please know we appreciate your continued care and commitment for our students.

Dorsey E. Hopson, II