Dear friends,
As we end 2016 and look toward this holiday season I can’t believe that Jessica’s House will be turning five in April! During this time, I have become more aware than ever that tragedies do happen, but have the privilege of watching grieving children smile again and have witnessed their “spark” return after feeling understood and validated. I’ve also been touched by the generosity and kindness of our community with how you’ve supported us so well since our inception in 2012. We could never do this work without you! 
When you give to Jessica's House, you support children like Cash who came to Jessica's House after his dad died. He says “I feel better when I talk with other kids who understand what it’s like to lose a dad. I can talk about my dad and share memories of him like the time we went to a hockey game. At Jessica’s House I like to play the guitar. My dad and I liked to play music together and it reminds me of him.”

Cash's mom, Amy, says, “Since we lost Hank, it has been my goal to create a net under my kids to help soften the struggles they will face. Jessica’s House is a vital component of this process for our family.” Amy brings Cash, Audrey, Tommy, and Henry for the parent loss group. Henry says, “I couldn’t wait to come back after the first time I came to Jessica’s House. Everyone in my group has lost their dad, too.” Amy adds, “We have met so many wonderful people who have been in the same shoes as us. When you experience a death like we have, it’s hard for others to relate if they haven’t been through a similar loss. At Jessica’s House, there is no judgement – only 100% support for what we need. We truly feel grateful to have Jessica’s House in our lives."

Our year-end challenge is to replace the broken furniture in our family and teen rooms. Our goal of doing this is $5,000.
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With gratitude for you during this season,
Erin Nelson
Executive Director