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Supporting Local Authors is what we do at Peak City Publishing.  We are excited to report that we have 6 titles in print and five more on the way!  
Take a moment to consider reading books by our local authors.  Your support makes it possible to build our community of exceptional writers!
Shiloh Burnam
Peak City Publishing


In and Around North Carolina
Chatham County, NC
The Wanderer of New Hope

The Wanderer of New Hope is a historical fiction novel based on the history of the New Hope Valley, now known as Jordan Lake. 


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Wilmington, NC

Storm Surge, A Jonie Waters Mystery is the first in a series of fast-paced cozy mysteries by Holly Springs author Tamara Ward. 

 Kindle: $2.99

Nook:�  $ 3.99


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Apex, NC
The Rusty Bucket Kids
This "'Behind-the-Scenes' look at The Rusty Bucket Kids, 'Linolns, Journey to 16 brings readers on a tour of the beautiful scenery in Apex, New Hill and Bonsal.  The illustrations provide a whimsical look at local stars, like Mark Roberts, Charles Gaddy and others in character.
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Short Stories
Stone Upon Stone
An illustrated short story of two souls who share a path in life for a time.  During their journey, they lay stones between them.  Stone-upon-Stone is a story of forgiveness and a tool for making amends. 
E-Book $  Coming Soon
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Young Adult Anthology
The First Line Book 2
The First Line:  It Was Cute Until features short stories written by young adults.  The book is one of two titles in a free short story contest encouraging young adults to write and win a placement in a published book.
E-Book:  Coming Soon
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Young Adult Anthology
It Was Not Supposed to End This Way
The First Line: It was not supposed to end this way is the first in a series of short story contest winners.  Your purchse of the book makes it possible to keep this contest free.   
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