My office has received several inquiries regarding the zoning change for the People's Church/ Preston Bradley Center that will be introduced to the City's Zoning Committee on January 23. The zoning designation for this building will be changed from RT-4 to B3-5 in order to allow the building to support and expand performing arts tenants, which is not allowed under its current residential "R" zoning.  


Due to concerns that this zoning change could make the property more appealing for redevelopment at a future date, my office is working with the Preston Bradley Center and the City Landmarks Commission to pursue Chicago Landmark status for the building. This will ensure that the architectural integrity of the building will be protected and any significant physical changes will require review and approval from the City Landmarks Commission.


I believe that this is the ideal solution to meet everyone's interests. It keeps all the existing uses in the building, and will bring new users to the building, making it a hub of arts and culture in the Uptown Entertainment District. Landmark status for the building will mean that the City and community will work in partnership with the Preston Bradley board to ensure a viable, vibrant future for this Uptown treasure.


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