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How many times have you put off doing something that you would have loved doing, but didn't do so because the conditions were not perfect?  I know I have (too many times actually) and I think it is safe to say that I am not alone in doing this.  Often, we wait for the right time, the perfect situation, the ideal weight or the best of whatever it may be.  Some of my greatest accomplishments were when I acknowledged that things were not perfect but moved ahead anyway.  


My advice... Don't put your dreams on hold because things are not perfect. Things or people will never be PERFECT.  Yes, there are moments when we feel like everything is perfect or the timing is just right and yes that does happen.  But often it is by chance (or because you were properly advised by your astrologer).  It is when we set ourselves up for perfection that we sometimes lose the chance to see how wonderful we are.  The focus is so much on where we think we "should" be that we don't realize the perfectness in ourselves at the present moment.


Remember - YOU and only YOU can determine your happiness, and YOUR life is YOUR journey.  While building your business why not look at the roadblocks as part of the creative process instead of defeat?  How about accepting your body as it is while you transform it into what you want it to be?  Make it fun.  Make it positive.  Try your best not to allow those not so perfect moments to define who you are because they come and they go.  Don't dwell on them.  Live like this and you may actually end up doing what you're meant to do as you watch everything fall into place as it is supposed to.  You may even enjoy where you are.  Wouldn't that be nice?



I have given up on perfection (so boring anyway) but I do try to do my best to feel as good as I can and I do so by keeping up with my self-care regime.  My daily "me" stuff consists of reading, breathing exercises, nurturing foods, exercise, time with those I enjoy being with, lotions and potions, coffee, tea, cooking, music, water and lots of other good stuff.  Every day I aspire to feel the best I possibly can.  Obviously, I am human and I have lots of reasons to get in my head and feel blue, defeated, sad, fearful, so on and so on.  However, when I stick to doing things that make me happy and I do them as consistently as I can (without pressure) I often don't have too much extra time to dwell on whatever it is that I am in my head about.



I've said this before and I won't bore you with the ways to get rid of that STUFF.  You know - the piles of this and that, the random things that you just don't want to look at one more time.  Then there is the stuff that you "might" need one day (please just get rid of it knowing that "if" you need it one day you will get your hands on it somehow).  Free your mental and physical space.  Give it away; throw it away - if it stresses you out - say GOODBYE!  Is that same person bringing you down again?  Maybe a temporary break is all you need.  Dark cloud following you around?  Acknowledge what it is and good riddance.  Did you do or say something you wish you didn't and you just can't let it go?  Apologize, send flowers (LOL), do something to change it or let it go.  Blow it off and realize guilt is useless.  Again we are not striving for perfection here but focusing on feeling good.  When we feel good we feel less anxious about doing what we "think" we need to do to feel good - we just feel good.  It's that easy.



You get it.  Just be thankful!



Love this drink.  Gives you the sweet taste you're after without the sugar.  Very hydrating and perfect for the summer.  Add fresh mint and you have yourself a mini dose of perfection in a glass. 






If you haven't checked out Beautycounter's natural skin care products you should.  They recently added a body line and the Lustro Body Oil is fantastic!  Actually, all of the products are amazing!!!    





The not so perfect dinner, but so simple, healthy and delicious.  I fall back on this when I don't have a lot of time or I just don't feel like making a big dinner.  More good news - you don't even have to leave the house for ingredients.


Vegetable Omelet

I am going to make this super easy for you.  No recipe.  Just open the fridge and get out the eggs.  Now scramble them.  Pick out a few vegetables and herbs that you think will taste yummy together.  Or go out to your garden and pick something that calls out your name.  Heat some olive or coconut oil in a skillet.  Add vegetables until they are soft and then add the eggs.  Flip or fold when you feel the need.  Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper.  For those who find that vegetables just don't cut it - feel free to add cheese or bacon (my kids like it better this way).  I personally love guacamole as a side.  Remember this is your creation.  Nothing to mess up!  Just your selection of real whole foods that nurture the body.  Enjoy!


A wise one once said, "True authenticity is a lack of perfection."  In Susie Orman Schnall's enchanting debut novel On Grace, Grace discovers as she nears 40 she has to overcome obstacles in her life - her marriage, her friendships, and clearly her sense of self!  So much for perfection!!  I loved this book, and highly recommend it as the perfect summer read. Schnall writes with honesty and really nails the details of women's lives. It's uplifting and authentic. Plus, the main character lives in Rye and I am proud to call this amazing author my friend!!!  On Grace is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon and at Arcade Books in Rye.  So proud of you Susie!!!  Get yourself a copy.


On Grace


"Bullet" by Christian Burns and Stefan Dabruck is my pick for June.  Recently on the way to a party I had a hard time getting out of the car because this amazing song was playing and I didn't want to turn the car off.  It was the first time I heard it so you know what I did  (Yup, I shazammed it).  Several hours later when I got back into my car it was playing AGAIN!!!  OMG - A perfect moment!  What were the chances? Radio stations NEVER repeat songs over and over again so I felt super lucky.  I hope you like it.  I dig it big time.




Let's start this summer off by embracing where we are at in our lives and having fun getting to where we want to be.  And don't miss the chance to gaze at the 2013 "Super Moon" which is set to peak tonight and tomorrow night (June 22-23)  It is going to be the biggest and brightest moon of the year!  I just love the moon and it ALWAYS makes me happy.


I wish you lots and lots of happy and healthy times this summer (and always)!




"I cling to my imperfection, as the very essence of my being." 

Anatole France


P.S.  I have to share this perfect moment....  So it's a weekend morning and the doorbell rings.  It is a friend who came to drop something off.  He has his precious toddler in the car and since I knew I was going to see her later that day I was hesitant to run outside to greet her. Not because I didn't want to, but because I felt disheveled in my pj's with hair a mess (you know the look)  Anyway, I decided my neighbors have seen worse so I went out to the car to see this sweet little girl and I was so glad I did.  She gave me the backwards wave with this big toothy smile.  A perfect moment that would have never happened if I had allowed my not so perfect appearance to hinder me from stepping out my door.  These moments are missed all too often.  So the next time you want to do something but you feel the pressure to perfect the situation - try not to give in to that urge and just do it.  You may surprise yourself.  I sure did.





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