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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We promised to provide you with a pathway toward sustainable pay increases as a reward for your service and commitment to our students. On Friday, we are delivering on that promise with performance-based salary increases and stipends for our deserving educators.

All TEM 3-5 teachers will receive a permanent salary increase on their paychecks, and performance-based stipends will be issued for qualifying advanced degrees and hard-to-staff subjects (e.g. select secondary math and science subjects and special education).

In addition, I heard your concerns about last year’s one-time salary increases being overshadowed by benefit increases. As a direct result of your feedback, we aggressively worked to prevent that from happening this time around. There is no change in employee contributions for medical, dental or vision coverage for 2018. Please be sure to read the   2018 Benefits Guide  for a complete review of your options and to make your selections by November 17.
If you have any questions about salary increases or benefits, please contact our team  for assistance. 
All of these changes and updates are meant to support you so you can do the most important job of supporting our students.
Thank you for your tireless dedication.