65th Anniversary Performance of John Cage's 4'33"
Performed by Jill Sobule
Today Tuesday, August 29, 6pm
John Cage’s 4’33” was first performed publicly at the Maverick Concert Hall as part of a concert produced by the WAAM on August 29, 1952. For the 7th consecutive year, we will present a performance of this truly revolutionary and still controversial composition in our Towbin Wing on the anniversary of the original performance.

This year 4’33” will be performed by the critically acclaimed, witty, LA-based singer/songwriter Jill Sobule. Acclaimed art critic, columnist, editor and John Cage scholar Kay Larson will introduce the piece and host a Q&A following the performance.

Kay Larson was the art critic for  New York Magazine  for 14 years, and has been a frequent contributor to  The New York Times . Larson is the author of  Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists.  Kay is currently working on her second biography of Cage.