eNewsletter of Calgary's Generative Journalism News Co-Op | May 8, 2015

Here are some of the stories we've been telling this week:

In the spirit of flying the plane as we build it, New Scoop is looking for worker members to join the worker member stakeholder group of our multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit, news co-op. Wow, what a mouthful!

We are looking for folk with the following skill-sets:

    - Web wranglers for keeping our website geared to our evolving needs and opportunities.
    - Event planners for organizing in-person and social events which celebrate and nurture the people, energy and learnings around the stories.
   -  Journalist with the capacity to write stories which create positive change and nurture generative networks.
    - Administration - Someone who doesn't in details but nests them compliantly in spreadsheets and lists.
    - Social Media - Someone who aspires to setting records for likes, tweets and retweets. 


How Can Periscoping Support Generative Journalism?
Periscope, now named since the original app, Meerkat, was purchased by Twitter; is a new app blasting out of the social media scene. Periscope allows anyone to live-stream from his or her phones to Twitter. The resulting video feed can be saved to phones or websites. Viewers can respond with comments or questions as the live feed is happening - as well as indicate with floating hearts their approval and applause for the content.

New Scoop anticipates that this will be a lively and creative asset for Generative Journalism in Calgary. Periscoping will allow us to live-stream the interviews we do for our digital stories. As we are able to attend events or hang out with people or organizations of interest, we can live-stream that to our New Scoop subscribers and Twitter followers.   
Calgary Churches Re-imagining Who They are in Community
Carla Leon never knows what kind of response she'll get when she picks up the phone to cold-call church leaders in Calgary about a new initiative designed to help churches re-imagine who they are in their local communities. But she's certainly most energized when people instantly "see the light."

The ones most excited about the initiative tend to be those already venturing into new territory with respect to how they operate as churches in a community, including how they are achieving financial sustainability.
Strengthening Community One Easter Egg at a Time  

Though it was a cold, blustery day in spring, more than 160 residents of Applewood community in south-east Calgary showed up for the Easter egg hunt Syeda Zehra had organized.

It was so chilly, Syeda had decided to leave her toddler at home, but she was absolutely thrilled by the turnout.

"The main reason I do this is to build good relationships, like a family," says Syeda. "If you have good relationships in a community, the community will be safer."

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