Donor Newsletter - July 2017
Your support told a meaningful story for Sawyer.
Earlier this spring, The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh was on stage as part of Persephone’s Youth programming. The play is about a young girl named Jamie who has ADHD. Sawyer, a young audience member who attended the show, really connected with Jamie as a character in the play because Sawyer also  has ADHD.

Here is what Sawyer's mom had to say about the play:  “[Sawyer] absolutely loved the play. Ever since Saturday he has not stopped talking about Jamie and Max. It was such a positive experience for him to be able to hear it from someone else's point of view. It was also so good for us as parents to sit and listen to what our son must struggle with every day.”

Your gift helped a young audience member see THEIR story on stage.
‘Jamie Cavanaugh’
(Jenna Berenbaum)
 and Sawyer 
Your donation taught compassion.
Later this spring another semester of Theatre School wrapped up and students were able to put on final performances for friends and family. Students also shared what they enjoyed about the class. Here is what one of the teenage students said they enjoyed;
There is research that supports how taking theatre classes builds confidence and builds life skills such as teamwork and public speaking. It also helps to develop a person’s emotional intelligence by teaching compassion and empathy.
Your gift gave a young person a different point of view.

Your donation 'took art outside'!

Because of your support students were able to access theatre workshops outside in the beautiful spaces at River Landing. Back in May, in collaboration with the Remai Modern Art Gallery and Saskatoon Public School Division, Saskatoon students participated in ‘Taking Art Outside’. They rotated between 3 different stations throughout the Friday; a Sensory Walk with Carol Wylie, a Pop Up Art Card with Wendy Paterson, and an Outdoor Theatre Experience with Marley Duckett. 
Your gift to Persephone ensures that quality instructors can engage students in collaborative workshops like these. 

Students enjoying a theatre 
workshop at River Landing
Here is what a teacher had to say about a Persephone workshop: 
"We had a load of fun with our instructor this morning! She is awesome with the tweens - high energy and enthusiastic! … I was very curious how far and wide Persephone reaches - keep up the good work." - Teacher from Bishop Roborecki School in Saskatoon

Your donation brings theatre to your community. 
Thank you for supporting Persephone and making a difference for everyone who participates in Persephone programming. Have questions or want to learn more about Persephone Theatre programs? Feel free to contact me by phone or email!

Thank you so much!

Megan Kent
Fundraising and Donor Relations Manager / 306-384-2126 ext 238

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