Dear Pet Food Stamps Applicant,

Thank you for submitting your application for assistance with Pet Food Stamps.

In order to process your application there are a few steps which need to be followed in order to get approved:

First, we need a copy of your 'Award Letter Of Benefits' from the agency providing your benefits. This includes either Food Stamps, Welfare or from Social Security, if this is your only form of income. An award letter simply states you currently receive benefits.

We do NOT need a social security number.

In addition, we need a photocopy of your State Identification, such as your driver's license, non-driver identification card or other photographic identification provided by your state. 

Please add your address, telephone # and email as well.

Once you have these documents, they must be Mailed in to our head office:

Pet Food Stamps
391 S Main St.
New City, NY 10956

We do NOT accept emails or faxes for submission of this documentation.

Once we receive this information we verify it is accurate. Once verified you will be contacted by a live enrollment agent to set up your free monthly home delivery of pet food. If there is no answer on the phone, an e-mail will be sent to the address provided in the initial application.

The pet food delivery will continue for six (6) months and if assistance is still needed after the initial term, you may reapply for another six (6) month term with no additional wait.


Pet Food Stamps is more than just a provider of free pet food for people and families in need. We are also an organization that cares deeply for reasonable Animal Rights and has a current petition currently posted on the White House website.

We ask all our members and future members to please click the link below and sign our petition. If you believe that a pet is "BETTER FED THAN DEAD" there is a good chance that by signing this petition, The Obama Administration will make changes to the current norm of 'High Kill Shelters." We need 100,000 signatures so that the Obama administration will respond; we have till May 26th to reach our goal. We are approaching 200,000 PFS applicants and hope all of you will support our mission.

Please Sign & Share The Petition with friends, family and all lovers of animals that you may know!

Please keep in mind that--for Pet Food Stamps to do what it's designed to do, and help feed your pet(s)--we need donations.  There are many potential donors who have not yet heard about our mission. To ensure that there are enough donations to keep your pets alive and well, we need to get the word out!  Aside from the efforts we all make toward this end, simply winning this victory for animal rights, and getting the Petition in front of President Obama, will get the attention of many very willing donors.  Please sign the Petition immediately, for the sake of thousands of animals, as well as your very own pets! 

Please no not forget to share on Facebook & Twitter using the share tab on the petition site.


Thank You,

The Pet Food Stamps Team

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