Our Vision:
   St. Andrew's strives to be the face of Christ within our walls and beyond our doors.

St. Andrew's in Pictures

With the magic of the internet we can share photos and brief stories of recent happenings with the people of St. Andrew's. 
New Bible School format was popular
This year Vacation Bible School began with a spaghetti supper attended by 27 adults, children and community members.

Youth and Parishioners from Holy Nativity Parish of Scottsdale were our guests and co-workers

Youth and parishioners from Holy Nativity in Scottsdale, AZ visited the border and helped with The St. Andrew's Children's Clinic on Thursday, August 3. Setting up for Clinic is a big job and we were grateful for their help.
Youth from the Diocese of Massachusetts visited Mexico and our church

A group of young people and their chaperones visited our church August 4-8 as they spent time in our area learning about the border. They visited the Hogar de Esperanza y Paz, Kino Border Initiative and participated in some of our services.  On Sunday, August 6, Fr. Sean Carroll, SJ, from KBI was the guest homilist at the 10:00am service.  Pictured is the Border Forum during coffee hour when parishioners and guests shared experiences of visiting and living along the Mexican border in southern Arizona.

Fr. Ernie with members of his study cohort.
Fr. Ernie continues education and growth

Earlier this month I began a two-year program at the Living School for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This course of study helps develop contemplative practice in the Western Christian tradition, and equips people for ministry that comes from a more centered place of love. CAC
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Save the Date:  Sunday, October 29
All Invited!  Asada at Calabasas on Sunday, October 29.  Only one service at 9:00am that day.  Meat provided by Fr.Ernie and Elizabeth.  Potluck for additional dishes.  More details to follow. 

Newcomer's Welcome into the Church

This fall we'll have a two-month long welcome and orientation program for those wishing to join the church.  This program will include a social gathering, classes in the Episcopal Church, and a Rite of Welcoming at our St. Andrew's Day celebrations in November.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Fr. Ernie Galaz ernie@standrewsaz.com
Diocesan Convention to be held September 29 and 30

Fr. Ernie Galaz, Dcn. Jim Fitzsimmons and Dcn. Rodger Babnew will be attending the Diocesan Convention at Trinity Cathedral the last weekend of September along with five members of the congregation and the junior warden Raymond Bean and senior warden Sally Lockwood.  Delegates are Karin Rodes, Sigrid Maitrejean, Patti Oliver, Darlene Thornhill and Elizabeth Campbell. Assisting Clergy attending are Fr. Pat Maitrejean, Fr. Derwent Suthers and Fr. Ernie Harrelson. The convention approves new resolutions for the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona. Attending provides a look into the workings of our denomination. 

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