Are you ready to splash your boat? We are planning to start launching the 3rd week of April
Please check your insurance policy, some companies do not allow launching prior to May 15th.
2016 Launch Information & Form
It's that wonderful time of year when our thoughts are towards splashing a boat.
Launch is scheduled to start the 3rd week of April.
PLEASE advise your insurance company of
 your launch date, m any policies  have different effective coverage dates.
Spring Is Coming
We know that winter is not quite finished, but we also know that spring is not far away. The PBM staff is working hard getting ready for the 2016 season. If you have not yet returned your 2016 Slip/Storage Agreement for the 2016/17 season please do so as soon as possible. We must have your signed Agreement, Current Insurance on file & have your Account in good standing prior to launching your boat. If you have any questions, please contact Krishna.

The Spring Checklist
You will find the 2016 PBM Spring Checklist link here:  2016 Spring Launch Form. Please take the time to complete and return no later than March 25th. Completed paper forms can be returned by email to, faxed to 715-779-3902 or mailed to: Pikes Bay Marina, 84190 Pikes Bay Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

The Spring Launch Sequence
As you know Pikes Bay Marina has some unique challenges for scheduling launch. All marinas have the challenge of weather but what is special to PBM is the concept of “First out, Last in” or “Last out, First in.” We would prefer to publish a weekly list, but because we have several storage areas to plan for, our schedule changes daily. To make launch as efficient as possible, it is very important that you have your boat ready to launch as early as possible. If you decide that you want your boat out of the sequence & we have to move it to a different location, there will be an additional charge. Please select if you would like to be present at launch. There are 2 days per week we can schedule for members being present at launch: Mondays or Fridays. These are on a first-come-first-served basis. Also, take the time to plan & complete your spring projects early & we will do our best to accommodate any special requests. We will sending out an email

Work Permits    
Any work performed on Pikes Bay property (either by you the owner, or a third party) that is going to result in any type of waste product such as any residue that is produced during sanding & bottom painting or a project that involves the use of any chemicals or fluid changes, requires a work permit. Please go to Work Permit for a work permit form or stop at the office. Here is the link to the Pikes Bay Marina  Environmental & Best Practices Policy.
Outside Contractors 
An outside contractor is any business you might hire “outside” of Pikes Bay Marina. Please know all “Outside Contractors” must have a current signed release form & have sufficient/current insurance coverage with Pikes Bay Marina listed as additional insured. If you have any questions please contact Krishna.