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Rivercity Pilates' May 2016 Newsletter



Spring is in full bloom and two of our favorite days...Pilates Day and Mother's Day are right around the corner!    


Be sure to check out our Inspiration of the Month Lindsey Gorzelanny, and learn how she balances her life as a busy mom and still finds time for herself!   


We are super excited about our FREE Pilates Day event on Saturday, May 7th- get all the details in this newsletter!!   


Research shows that working out with a friend is one of the best ways to stay consistent and we are going to help you with that this month! For the entire month of May you can gift one new friend to the studio with free classes for the entire month of MAY ! This means they can attend any class on our schedule for FREE as many times as they want in May! Check out the details below.    


We look forward to seeing you soon!  


Empower Your Body - Inspire Your Life,

- The Rivercity Pilates Team

Empower your Body-Inspire your Life!

Inspiration of the Month
May 2016
Lindsey Gorzelanny 
When did you start Pilates and what inspired you to start?
I started Pilates about 6 years ago when I was pregnant with our first child to counterbalance the additional weight, prepare for his birth, and stretch, strengthen, and tone my body.  It changed my life.  Since then I have tried to sneak in at least one weekly session in whatever city I am in.
What benefits have you seen by committing to a regular Pilates practice?   
I can ALWAYS tell when I have missed a weekly session.  My body feels tight and it hurts.  For me, Pilates is better than massage. Due to gravity, computer and phone use, and carrying a toddler my body is often out of alignment and Pilates allows me to pinpoint those weak areas and stretch and strengthen them. I haven't found any other exercise that enables me to do that.  It helps with other areas of fitness as well; breathing, proper alignment, mind, body awareness, and core stabilization. Seeing the benefits of my Pilates practice, my professional athlete husband started incorporating Pilates into his training.  We have been enjoying  "Pilates dates" together in the off-season! 
What were the benefits of staying active with Pilates during and after pregnancy?

I credit Pilates for allowing me to feel great during both of my pregnancies. I practiced Pilates on my due date with both boys (I delivered 2 days later with both). I tend to have long natural labors and my Pilates practice gave me the strength and endurance to power through the marathon of labor.  It also helped me recover quickly from pregnancy and the labor. I was not only able to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape fairly quickly, but I was also able to heal properly.   When you are feeding a newborn every 2 hours, carrying an insanely heavy diaper bag and car seat, not sleeping, and your core strength is non-existent, Pilates will save your life.  Pilates is the perfect low impact exercise for during and after pregnancy.  It is Physical Therapy and massage combined. For instance, when my core is weak due to pregnancy my lower back begins to hurt, so Pilates allows me to strengthen my core and stretch my back at the same time.  
You are a busy mom, how do you make time to take care of yourself?

When I had a toddler and a newborn, a 50 minute Pilates session was the only time I took for myself.  It helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I definitely struggle with taking time for myself, so I would sneak away when the baby was napping and my husband was home.  Now my oldest is in kindergarten and my youngest goes to preschool, so I can go to the grocery store, Target, Starbucks, and Pilates kid-less, and  it is the most amazing thing!
Do you have a favorite exercise or piece of equipment (or both)?

I actually like all the equipment for different reasons and it depends on the day and what my body is feeling.  Sometimes I want a quick, effective, toning workout, so I prefer the Mat exercises and/or the Chair. But other days, after I have been traveling and my body is aching, I prefer the Cadillac and Reformer.  After all these years each exercise and piece of equipment is still challenging to me and I am constantly making adjustments.  
What would you say to other busy moms who are thinking about doing Pilates? 
It will be the best decision you make for both your mind and body.  You will feel great and enjoy doing it!  

Husbands, are you unsure of what to give your wife for Mother's Day?  


From now until Mothers Day get an extra $5 Gift Certificate for every $50 Gift Certificate you purchase!   


Give us a call at 319.665.2499  

or email us at:  rcpilates1@gmail.com   

and we can help you find the perfect gift!


Moms, let us know if we can send  

a "hint" for you!   


 The Pilates Anti-Sit Up Exercise!

The Pilates Anti-Sit Up Exercise!
The Pilates Anti-Sit Up Exercise!
Need to strengthen your core? Do Sit Ups scare you?  Pilates is the ultimate core strengthening exercise method and you don't have to do 100 sit ups a day....

Try out this exercise and more at our Pilates Day celebration on May 7th!!!

Summer Challenge Series
Coming in June!


Summer is almost here and we want to help you be healthy and strong for the season and so we're putting together our Summer Shape Up Challenge!   


We've designed a cool new Rivercity Pilates Shirt that you can win just by getting in your classes and sessions at the studio all summer long!   


We'll have all the details in the June newsletter( & on social media) and some sneak peaks of the cool new shirt but just wanted to let you know it's coming!! 

In this Issue

International Pilates Day
Saturday, May 7!

"A Taste of Rivercity Pilates"
  • Tasting Stations will give you a chance to learn about an exercise and or piece of Pilates equipment and try it out if you want
  • Meet our instructors ( and ask us lots of questions!!)
  • Learn about all of the different types of classes and sessions we offer (& learn what might be a good fit for you!)
  • Snacks & Refreshments
  • Prizes, prizes, prizes....
Come celebrate with us!  

All classes this day are FREE! (No Pilates or Yoga experience necessary to feel comfortable in class!)

8:00 am: Beginner Yoga Class

8 am: Intro to Pilates Mat Class       
9 am:  All Levels Pilates Mat Class

9 am: Return to Life Pilates Mat Class

10 am to Noon Open House:

Visit each station and have the teacher initial your sheet. Turn it in for a new Rivercity Pilates sparkle bag with a chance to win one month of unlimited classes and more surprises!

Class space is limited! Let us know you're coming:
Sign up online:   or
call 319-665-2499
or email:  

Mark your May calendar for our guest speaker for Life Inspired
Jennifer Reekers, AuD

May 20th, 6 to 7:30 pm

The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss 

Many people perceive hearing loss as an inconsequential part of aging.  
Recent research has found direct links between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline as well as other health concerns. Being able to communicate is the cornerstone to healthy aging! Whether for yourself or a loved one, come learn about topics including the importance of hearing healthcare, how to treat hearing loss, how to "shop" for hearing aids, how to improve your quality of life, and many more!  

Jennifer Reekers, AuD
Doctor of Audiology/Owner of Heartland Hearing Center

This is a free event! RSVP appreciated:
Call: 319-665-2499
Email: Click Here!
Or sign up online:
Or call 319-665-2499

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Happy Memorial Day!
We will be closed on Monday, May 30 in observance of  Memorial Day!
Have a great weekend!

Spring Class Schedule
Return to Life on the Mat
10:00 am Pilates All Level Mat w/Taryn
10:00 am Pilates Tower w/Carey 
4:30 pm Restorative Yoga w/Julie 
5:30 pm Cardio Funk w/Julie 
6:00 pm Pilates Mat for Beginners w/Kimberly
6:30 pm Yoga Flow w/Shara
7:00 pm Pilates Tower w/Kimberly 

6:30 am Sunrise Pilates Equipment w/Carey 
12:00 pm Pilates Reformer Flow w/Carey
6 :00 pm Pilates All Level Mat w/Shaina
6:00 pm Yoga Flow w/Courtney
7:00 pm Barre and Pilates Mat Combo w/Shannon 
7:00 pm Pilates Equipment w/Shaina 
9:00 am Pilates Reformer Jump Board w/Carey
10:00 am Pilates All Level Mat w/Taryn 
5:00 pm Cardio Funk w/Julie
6:00 pm Pilates All Level Mat w/Carey 
6:00 pm Restorative Yoga w/Julie  
6:30 am Sunrise Pilates Mat w/Carey
12:00 pm Pilates Tower w/Carey  
5:30 pm Pilates Reformer Flow w/Shannon
5:30 pm Yoga Flow w/Courtney
6:30 pm Barre & Pilates Mat Combo w/Shannon
6:30 pm Pilates Equipment w/Shaina 
6:30 am Pilates Sunrise Equipment w/Carey
11:30 am TGIF Pilates Mat w/Carey  
9:00 am Pilates All Level Mat w/Janee 
9:00 am Pilates Return to Life on the Mat* w/Carey 
10:00 am Pilates Tower w/Janee
11:00 am Empower Strength Training  w/Kris 
10:00 am Pilates All Level Mat w/Taryn 
5:00 pm Butt, Thighs and Abs Pilates Mat w/Shannon 

Sign up for classes online:
Click Here!
Classes are all levels unless marked with an asterisk *            *Requires teacher approval.
Remember to sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot in class. If you need to cancel your reservation, please give 24-hours notice. Rivercity Pilates does have a 24-hour cancellation policy and you will be charged for c
ancelling with less than 24-hours notice.   

"A mother holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever."

~Author Unknown

A Special Thanks to Our Pilates Day Sponsors!

May Specials:
  • Current clients can gift one friend who is new to the studio FREE classes for the entire month of May! Just stop at the front desk and let us know your friend's name and we'll make them a gift card they can bring in and help them get started!    
P.S.- Since this is such an amazing value and offer we can only offer 1 friend pass per client and it's not something that we'll do often...so definitely take advantage of it!!   
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Monthly VIP Special:  Take 10% off ToeSox Sandals! 
Offers Expire: May 31, 2016
Have a great month,


Carey Sadler, owner of Rivercity Pilates
Empower Your Body - Inspire Your Life!