Volume 1 | February 7, 2017
~ February 2017 Newsletter ~
Third Thursday Seminars
AromaTouch Treatments
Do you know that keeping your feet in shoes all day is like keeping them in a coffin?

Join us for adult refreshments, Pilates &
Foot Awakening
movement and fun on 
February 16th from 6:30pm-8:30pm. 

Move your bodies through a Pilates Session and then add Foot Wakers to re-introduce extremities to core ~ Help your feet remember they're alive!
STRESSED??? Carol is offering Essential Oil treatments for stress relief, immune support and rejuvenation $80 a session.   Give it a go!
Wayne Living Magazine
Keep an eye out for Carol’s March article on Brain Based Training.  Whether you realize it or not... it’s what Pilates is all about, and all buzz in wellness! 
>> Videos Now Available Online <<
Need a quick Pilates refresher? Traveling and want to squeeze in a quick on-the-go workout? Or maybe you're simply at home and don't have time to make it into the studio. Well, you are in luck!

For just $25.00, you can gain 3 months of access to 12+ videos on both pilatesandmore.com & carolberinger.com. From 3 minutes to 40 minutes, Carol will walk you through Morning Stretches, Fundamentals, Balance, Ball, Roller, Intermediate and Advanced Mat, hand weights and more.

Did you know Carol is certified in Yamuna Body Rolling, Face Ball and Foot Wakers??? Pilates and More will soon be offering workshops in each!

For more information on this, check out Yamuna and call our studio.

Meet Melanie Manning!
November brought a wonderful new resident Massage Therapist to our studio! Clients have been raving about her amazing skills ever since.

Contact Melanie directly or call our studio to schedule an appointment. See what all the buzz is really about ~ Everybody deserves a massage!

Phone: 484-424-9874
Email: pointofcontactmassage@gmail.com 
Website: www.pointofcontactmassage.com

Coming in March...
Ladies Night Out at the Movies
Third Thursday Workshop
Come see BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with our group on Friday, March 24!

Meeting at the studio at 7pm for adult beverages and food, followed by a later screening when the kiddies are in bed.

  Call or email if interested! 
Sign up for our upcoming Third Thursday workshop on March 16th from 6:30-8:30pm ~ Featuring Aromatherapy and a special movement session. Adults refreshments will also be served. 

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