April 2018
Individual Pillar Updates
Hello Monroe County Link Action Team! Below are brief updates from each of the Pillar Captains on the progress being made within each Pillar Team. Each month, we will send out a short review from each group to help you grasp the full magnitude of happenings within the Monroe County Link Plan. This progress will be shared in BDC's newsletter the following week so that we keep Monroe County residents and businesses aware and involved in the progression.

Every team member deserves applause and thanks for the progress being made. We are so appreciative and thankful for your commitment to this Plan!
Prepare for Investment
Captain Barry Buschmann reported, "Because of the existing Streamlining Task Force (MCEDC) we’ve already got a good jump on the analysis. We have good people on our team from the local agencies, townships and cities (villages), utility companies, private business, etc.

We’ve had three primary meetings with the next one scheduled for Monday, April 30. We started to look at sites with good progress being made on defining infrastructure needs for each property. MGU has completed their analysis for all the proposed development sites, resources have been identified and team is pulling together all information.

The recent Planning & Zoning meeting in Dundee was another Streamlining Task Force effort which brought numerous communities together to discuss proactive efforts to encourage development and avoid unnecessary time delays."

Others discussions are taking place on: Michigan Redevelopment Ready Communities and getting more information relative to our pillar’s task responsibilities; the need for another MOU (memorandum of understanding) for the I-75 corridor communities to be sure we have good buy in; the need for a MOU with the owners of the properties that we are focusing on for future development.

"Currently, we are ahead of our timeline requirements and see no reason not to have our work done by the scheduled dates."
Grow Strategically & Logistics Gateway
Captain Paul Pirrone reported that the Team has had three meetings since the kickoff. Frank Wszelaki's work with MDOT and La-Z-Boy on the I-75 sign was noted; his White Paper is on the working group website. Paul added some employees from his Accessing Department staff to theTeam who will be helpful and add good feedback. The team is compiling a directory of existing companies using the corridor. The Team communicated with Brokers/Property Owners and received positive feedback. Tim Lake connected with Detroit Terminal and Eastern Market to see if they had an interest in Monroe but not promising; Michigan Sugar is an alternative.

The Team is very positive and were encouraged with the Planning & Zoning Seminar attendance and Monroe County’s addition of GIS for municipalities’ use. 
Local Image & Brand
Captain Michael Bosanac reported, "The image and brand team has a good outline of the issues we will be working on and defining the county-wide and then local brand concepts. Since our initial meeting, we have strengthened our team with the addition of Florence Buchanan of Customer Experience 360 and Jeanine Bragg of The Monroe News. We are excited these individuals have joined our team and will bring some of the insight needed as we further refine our plan. As a tangible outcome, we point to the work already done at the I-75 and North Dixie Highway interchange as an ideal we are developing for every interchange along I-75. The area has been cleared of all brush and debris and makes the entrance into the Monroe community from Michigan's Main Street much more inviting. Members of our team are already making progress on other interchanges ahead of the summer season."
Quality of Life & Tourism
Captain Doug Chaffin reported, "The Quality of Life and Tourism Committee has had two meetings since our kickoff on January 12. We’ve adopted the 4 action items outlined in the Monroe County Link Plan workbook, and have added two additional priorities for consideration. We then ranked each of the six priorities in order, to determine our primary focus of time and resources. The next steps will include coordinating priorities with those of the Image and Branding Committee to avoid overlaps, and determine immediate actions for implementation."
Talent Development
Captains Steve McNew and Greg Pitoniak reported, "The Workforce Development & Education pillar utilized the Action Team Workbook to drive conversation around talent development. The team agreed that employers across Monroe County are facing the most acute talent shortage in decades. We developed a mission statement and vision statement to declare our purpose and describe where we want to be in the future. Issues and opportunities were discussed and each team member shared their ideas. Our goal is to create a strategic plan that links industry and education and present it at the November meeting."
Working Group Website
If you are not yet connected to our Working Group Website (SharePoint), please contact LuAnn to gain access. You need nothing other than an internet connection and an email address!
As always, the Monroe County BDC is available to assist you. Please feel free to contact us with concerns, questions, etc.
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