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October 2015
Falling for Pioneer Square?!

I'm sure the answer is YES!
Things just keep getting better here in Seattle's Original neighborhood! The leaves are changing, fall is upon us and the holiday season is just around the corner. Be on the lookout for fun community events popping up on our Facebook events page or our website. Speaking of website, we are so, so close to its launch. Be sure to check it out this month at and let us know what you think.

There are lots of things buzzing about new business development in the neighborhood but nothing finalized for public sharing as of now. November will be the month of secret telling from Karen True. If you have ideas for new businesses to bring to our neighborhood feel free to shoot us a message so we can work together to make this place even better!

Have a Happy Fall and be sure to share all your festive photos with us by tagging #PSQfalling #PSQevents #PSQholidays or just #PSQ!

See you in the neighborhood,
Pioneer Park just keeps getting better!

As of 9/22 we've made one more step adding vibrancy to Pioneer Park.  Remember last month when Parks and Recreation trimmed trees, laid mulch, and opened up views in the Park? Well, with a little coordination by the Alliance, they've moved in tables, chairs, a small kiosk, and a daytime concierge for the remainder of this year's good weather. Swing by, take a look, and say "hi" to the friendly concierge when you have a chance!  Weather dependent, Pioneer Park will be staffed throughout the year.

Ann Marie Schneider, Landscape Designer at Walker Macy, is tying her thoughts together about the parks in PSQ.
PARK (ing) Day
Hopefully you were out and about on Friday, September 18th and saw all the amazing parking spaces that had been re-purposed to highly imaginative parks. This year, Seattle had over 50 PARK(ing) Day spaces throughout the city, 7 of which were in Pioneer Square! The installation pictured was led by Walker Macy, 4Culture and the Alliance for Pioneer Square asking people about their impressions of the neighborhood's parks. All in all, it was a great day to be out exploring in Pioneer Square, and we received loads of feedback on our parks. Thank you to all who participated, and hopefully we'll see even more fun stuff on the street next year! To see some installations from this year, search #PSQParks and #SEAParkingDay

Call to Action
We want to know what you think.  If you want to get involved with improving our neighborhood parks, you have two ways to help us out.
  1. Provide feedback in this survey:
  2. Join us for the first Parks and Gateways Project Open House in late October (location TBD). 
Stay in the loop by following the project webpage

Find It, Fix It!

Have you seen an issue in the neighborhood, but  didn't  know how to report it to get it taken care of? "Find It, Fix It" is a smartphone app offering mobile users one more way to report selected issues to the City of Seattle. Reporting an issue is as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone, adding detailed information, and hitting submit.

Help us keep our neighborhood a clean and well maintained neighborhood.  Be on the look out to report graffiti, potholes, abandoned cars and other issues through  the 
Find it, Fix it app,  online or  call 206-684-7587. 
If graffiti shows up on your property, 
make a police report by  calling 206-625-5011. 
Looking for Parking?

Help neighborhood visitors and your customers find low-rate parking by spreading the word about
  The Alliance for Pioneer Square is partnering with WSDOT, the City of Seattle, Downtown Seattle Association and nearby parking garages to offer parking spaces for just $3/hour, up to four hours. A great option over circling for parking or feeding the meter.

Email   to find out how to post this information to your business website.
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