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Stirling University Accommodation - Stay next to the historic Stirling Bridge
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Stirring in Stirling - Pipe Bands, Scottish Clans and Highland Dancers are all invited to Pipefest Stirling!
27 June 2014


Marching from the gates of Stirling Castle to mark the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and the Year of Homecoming in 2014. Pipe Bands, Scottish Clans and Highland Dancers are invited to take part part in an international evening parade through the City of Stirling. The Parade will be led the Atholl Highlanders, formed in 1777 and Europe's only private army!


If you have not already please register to take part:






Mark the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and Celebrate the Year of Homecoming 2014 - take part in Pipefest Stirling!


For more information Pipefest Stirling please visit our - Questions and Answers Page


I am delighted to hear your thoughts and suggestions, please email -  magnus@pipefest.com


We look forward to welcoming you all - something is definitely stirring in Stirling!


Magnus Orr


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Pipefest Stirling: Pipe Tunes
Print, email and share the massed pipe band tunes.

Smaller pipe bands and individual players who are not marching in a large pipe band should learn the following massed pipe band tunes. Larger pipe bands, marching down the hill on their own may elect to play their own tune list. If your band has many beginners, please let us know if you would like to play the 4/4 set only. 

6/8 March3/4 Marches4/4 MarchesInstructional Video by Neil Clark - Great Glen Piping

Stirling University Accommodation
Stay next to the historic Stirling Bridge!

If you are in group and looking for well priced group accommodation during Pipefest Stirling and Bannockburn Live, Stirling University have 26 flats at John Forty's Court, just next to the historic Stirling Bridge available.


John Forty's Court (pictured with the Wallace Monument in the background)

is a popular development offering 7 single bedrooms in each flat with a spacious open plan kitchen, dining and sitting area.




Standard bedrooms have their own wash hand basin, with shared shower and WC facilities (2 in each apartment). All kitchens were refurbished during summer 2012 and are equipped with cookers, fridges, freezers, microwaves and kettles.


The cost for this based on a four night stay from Thursday 26th June to Monday 1st July would be �600 per  flat .   Each flat contains 7 single rooms - the cost over four nights works out at �21.48 per person per night.


Booking:  if you are interested at staying at John Forty's Court please contact Stirling University using the Pipefest REF provided.


+44 (0)1786 467140 or conferences@stir.ac.uk




Pipefest Stirling
Find out who is taking part?

Total number registered: 910

Name Type Group Name Country Total
Martin KestnerPipe BandColumbus Police And Fire Pipes And DrumsUSA15
Owen SweeneyPipe BandThe Glorious Sounds Of StrathearnSCOTLAND24
Stewart MarshallPipe BandAlloa Bowmar Pipe BandScotland35
Simon HaywardPipe BandShirley Pipe BandENGLAND, UK18
Roderick MacLeanPipe Band78th HighlandersCanada35
Barbara DewarPipe BandScottish Society Of Windsor Pipe BandCanada21
Ian GrahamPiperScotland1
Scott DuncanPipe BandScotpipeEdmonstone Village, Dalkeith, Midlothian20
Joerg WesselmannPiperGermany1
Donald GlassPiperScotland1
Karen BoylePipe BandMethilhill Community Pipe BandScotland13
George B DicksonPiperScotland1
Stephen BeattiePipe BandThe Black Watch Association Pipe BandEngland13
John PatersonPipe BandCity Of Plymouth Pipe BandUnited Kingdom1
Tom HaldaneDrum MajorEngland1
Colin MageePipe BandGreater Victoria Police Pipe BandCanada28
Eddie ClarkPipe BandNorth Berwick Pipe BandScotland16
Kelvin BishopPipe BandScunthorpe PipebandNorth Linc,s21
Jimmie DellbingPipe BandPD Gothenburg GarrisonSweden11
Lyle CrawfordPiperScotland1
Rebecca BonePiperHampshire1
Verna AcresPiper1
Andy HewardPiper1
Richard SmithPiper1
George CarrollPiper1
Callum CooperDrum MajorScotland1
Bernice EmeryPiperCanada1
Robert LarcomPiperJoyful Noise BagpipingUSA1
Mark McIntirePiperUSA1
Andy GrantDrum MajorScotland1
Bruce ThompsonPiperUSA1
Murray MacleodPiperScotland1
Dr. Gary DickeyPiperUSA1
Kenneth NeilsonPipe BandStonehouse Pipe BandScotland16
Michael BrucePipe BandHawick Scout Pipe BandScotland23
David CollinsPipe BandMoodiesburn And District Pipe BandScotland19
Ross InglisPiperBroughty Ferry Dundee1
Robert ElderDrummerUnited Kingdom1
Andrew WattPiperScotland1
Jillerd Clan MorrisonSupporterUSA1
Ian BrownPiperScotland1
Alisdair McLarenPipe BandThe National Youth Pipe Band Of ScotlandScotland47
Evan Kohler-CampPipe MajorUnited States2
Kevin BoydPiperUSA2
James MoffatPiperUK1
Phillip BabcockPiperUSA1
Alison DuthieDancerJulie Young School Of DancingScotland12
Noel TyllaPiperUSA1
Marion PearceDancerClan McMillan AustraliaAustralia6
Brian JeffriesPiperUnited Kingdom2
Marina RitchiePipe BandCockenzie And Port Seton RBL Pipes And DrumsScotland, UK26
Alan PotteesAccordion BandThe Forth Bridges Accordion BandScotland25
Graham PryorPiperEngland1
Peter BrysonPiperUnited Kingdom1
�ge Jonny J�rgensenPiperNorge1
Ian DuncanAtholl HighlandersAtholl HighlandersScotland45
Marion McmillanPiperUnited Kingdom1
William CunninghamPiperUnited Kingdom1
Robert BattyPiperHalifax BBGBUnited Kingdom1
Merlin BlythPiperGalbraithBelgium4
Andrew MacgregorSelectCape Field ArtillerySouth Africa4
Hamish DrennanPiperMacDonaldScotland1
Lady Jane Westerlea (Paisley Of Westerlea)Family SocietyPAISLEYStirlingshire40
Catherine GreyScottish ClanHerd Family AssociationUSA6
Malcolm NicolsonSelectClan MacNicolAustralia16
Robert CurrieScottish ClanCurrieUSA10
Major Stuart YoungScottish ClanClan YoungUnited Kingdom10
Bunty DaviesScottish ClanClan MoffatScotland12
Charles SherwoodScottish ClanClan Scott Society12
Marjorie WarrenScottish ClanMcLaughlinUnited States1
Brakmeyn LaurentPiperBVPBBELGIUM1
Mary WoodScottish ClanClan ArthurScotland10
Thomas CochranScottish ClanClan CochraneUSA20
Richard Carmichael Of CarmichaelScottish ClanClan CarmichaelScotland12
Louise GilesPiperMacArthurUnited States2
Graham BuchanPipe BandMayfield Pipe BandScotland20
Thomas UrquhartScottish ClanURQUHARTScotland24
Kate LeslieSupporterScottUSA2
Susan McIntoshCOSCACouncil Of Scottish Clans And AssociationsUSA20
Thomas RoutledgeScottish ClanRoutledge Clan SocietyEngland6
Tracy DavidsonSupporterTracy And Franco Cruz And ChaseCanada1
Bob CameronPiperUSA1
Russ HarperScottish ClanClan Wallace Society - WorldwideUSA10
Iain Alistair WilloxPipe BandSt Andrews Pipe Band Of CheltenhamUK10
Rosario BeallScottish ClanClan Bell10
Eloise RamsaySupporterUSA1
Clark ScottCOSCACouncil Of Scottish Clans And Associations, Inc (USA)USA6
Keith OliphantScottish ClanScotland20
Maria Burns Bush HaightPiperCampbell, Cameron, Donnachaidh, Douglas, Gunn, Stewart, WilsonUnited States8
Callum CooperDrum MajorUnited Kingdom1
Malcolm NicolsonScottish ClanClan MacNicolAUSTRALIA24
Donald CampbellPiperKilmelford And District Piping SocietyScotland1
Karin MenziesPipe BandPreston Lodge Pipe BandPrestonpans25
Jennifer PorterScottish ClanClan BrounAustralia3

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