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NAPE's 2017 Summit was a great success! This past week, NAPE hosted a record-breaking number of attendees at our annual Summit. We are very grateful for all who contributed to the event's success--keynote speakers, session presenters, sponsors, attendees, and The Balcolm Group. Please visit Facebook and Twitter for pictures and commentary. Save the date for the 2018 Summit on April 16-19!

In access, equity, and diversity,

NAPE Executive Committee, Education Foundation Board, and Staff 
Can Grade-Skipping Close the STEM Gender Gap?
Tom Clynes, The Atlantic
If girls were allowed to accelerate through school, then perhaps their peak career- and family-building years would not overlap. Read More >>
The Way We Teach Math Is Holding Women Back
Jo Boaler, Motto
A Stanford math professor encourages a different teaching approach. Read More >> 
Education in ABCs and Density
Jessica Ablamsky, District Administration
Preschool math performance predicts future academic achievement more consistently than reading or attention skills, according to new research from New America and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop. Read More >>
Increased Role Models and Inclusive Environments Entice Women into STEM Fields
Meghan Bogardus Cortez, EdTech
Surveys find women are more likely to pursue classes taught by women. Read More >>
Want to Break Stereotypes in STEM and Computing? Take a Look at Computer History
Sheea Vaidyanathan, EdSurge
By sharing this history with our students we can help break the stereotypes about gender and race in computing. Read More >> 
How Does Race Affect a Student's Math Education?
Melinda D. Anderson, The Atlantic
A new paper examines the ways "whiteness" reproduces racial advantages and disadvantages. Read More >> 
Science While Black
Quinn O'Callaghan, The Philadelphia Citizen
Philly-based iPraxis is working to introduce local kids of color to science. It's not just about jobs-it's about changing society. Read More >>
Tech Employees Quit Their Jobs Mostly Because of Unfair Work Environments
Megan Rose Dickey, Tech Crunch
Life isn't fair. Work's not fair. Tech isn't fair. So it's no surprise that unfairness or mistreatment is the most frequently cited reason for leaving a job in tech, according to the Kapor Center for Social Impact's Tech Leavers Study. Read More >> 
Google Couldn't Possibly Have a Gender Pay Gap, Google Claims
Emma Hinchliffe, Mashable
Google said it was "quite surprised" when the Department of Labor claimed last week that the tech giant fostered an extreme gender pay gap across its workforce. Read More >> 
Why Google's So-Called "Pay Gap" Is Really A Diversity Problem In Disguise
Andrew Chamberlain, Fast Company
Glassdoor data suggests men and women are paid comparably at Google, but it's gender imbalances from one role to another that lead to disparities. Read More >> 
NCWIT had new resources that will help the user practice ways to interrupt bias in two real-life situations in industry and academia.

This Is What STEM Looks Like! by the Women's Foundation of Colorado is a guide for parents and educators to get and keep girls in STEM. NAPE is mentioned on p. 135!

SmartBrief's Smart Report on STEM is now available! This issue highlights education and business leaders are readying students to work in a STEM-driven society.

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center released "Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates by Race and Ethnicity," which provides six-year completion rates, disaggregated by race and ethnicity for students who began postsecondary education in fall 2010.

Download Infographics and Video on the Context NAEP Provides for Achievement of Black 8th-Grade Girls in STEM

ANEW offers a free 12-week, part-time, high-quality pre-apprenticeship training that helps women enter non-traditional careers in construction trades and manufacturing.

EDC's "State of the States Landscape Report: State-Level Policies Supporting Equitable K-12 Science Education" surveys state-level efforts to improve access to K-12 computer science education opportunities in the United States.
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