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Department of Education Issues Guide to STEM Funding Through ESSA
Ensuring that all students have access to STEM education is fundamental to USDoE's goal of providing equitable educational opportunities so that all students are prepared to succeed in college, careers, and life. Read More >>
Gender Stereotypes about Intellectual Ability Emerge Early and Influence Children's Interests
L. Bian et al., Science
A recent study on gender stereotypes found that American girls believe being "really, really smart" is a trait associated with boys and men. Read More >>
Hidden Figures: Inspiring STEM Heroes for Girls
Tracey Welson-Rossman, Tech Chrunch
There is a much-loved aphorism used by parents of all generations that says "you are what you eat." I would also suggest that a similar phenomenon holds true for career choices: "You become what you see." Read More >>
Girls Need Confidence, Good Scores to Pursue Physics
Gaby Galvin, US News & World Report
Interest in math is all it takes for teenage boys to consider physics careers, while teenage girls need to score well on exams to think about going for jobs in the math-heavy field, a study finds. Read More >>
How to Survive When You're Always the Lone Female Engineer
Anuja Ketan, Fortune
Throughout my career, I'm often asked what it's like to be a woman working in technology. Given that the industry is predominantly male, I can understand why this question arises time and again. Read More >>
Women in STEM 'More Likely to Burn Out'
Holly Else
Universities need to open up communication channels to help retain women in science, says study. Read More >>
How Male Allies Can Support Women in Technology
Jennifer Manry, Mike Wisler, Tech Crunch
There are so many reasons that men should get involved and be true allies to women in tech: It's the right thing to do. It's good for business. Diverse teams that reflect the end user create better results for customers. Male allies respect and appreciate their female teammates. They believe in equality. Read More >>
How Hiring More Women for STEM Jobs Can Change Companies for the Better
Gay Gaddis, Fortune
We have all seen the transformative effect that technology has had on business and society. But what I'm seeing today tells me that we are still in the early stages of what's to come.  Read More >>
Report: Innovative Science Instruction Boosts Academic Performance Among English Learners
Carolyn Jones, EdSource
English learners can dramatically improve their science skills when teachers blend science lessons with language instruction, according to a new report released by an Oakland education nonprofit. Read More >>
Teachers Need a Growth Mindset Too
Christina Gil, Edutopia
Pushing our students to adopt a growth mindset is an easy call. Adopting one ourselves is harder. Read More >>
Infographic: Where Are the Girls? STEM Career & Technical Education

SciGirls Role Model Strategies: Encouraging Girls to Consider STEM Careers offers basic training for role models, introducing them to best practices for their volunteer efforts.

Techbridge role model training and resources are available to help develop skills to engage girls and underrepresented youth in STEM through guides, videos, and questions.
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