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On June 22, I participated on a panel as part of a congressional briefing to release the newest edition of the NCGWE report Title IX at 45: Advancing Opportunity through Equity in Education. The new report examines Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 in relation to the state of gender equity over the past 5 years. Learn more at the NAPE website
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The 2018 National Summit for Educational Equity is scheduled for April 16-19, 2018, in Arlington, VA.

Why Aren't There More Wonder Women in STEM?
Sophia Morong,
The new Wonder Woman movie released last week has sparked (appropriately) an outpouring of excitement and support, outlining and reinforcing how necessary it is to have women represented in media and, perhaps most importantly, portrayed as capable of anything and as successful in any profession (or super-profession). Read More >>
Disney's YouTube Red Series About Girls in STEM Has Arrived
Sam Gutelle,
The newest program available through the YouTube Red subscription service is looking to get women excited about coding. Hyperlinked, a ten-episode show that follows girl group L2M as they construct their own website, is now live on Disney's YouTube channel. Read More >>
Female Mentorship Helps Keep Women in STEM Subjects, According to New Study
Mia Mercado, Bustle
A new study has a promising solution for keeping more women in the STEM field: woman-to-woman mentorship. Read More >>
How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering
Ed Yong, The Atlantic 
They act as a "social vaccine" that protects female students against negative stereotypes and gives them a sense of belonging.
Read More >> 
GM CEO Mary Barra Has a New Plan to Get More Girls Interested in STEM
Madeline Farber, Fortune
Barra announced that GM will pledge $850,000 to four nonprofits -, Black Girls Code, Institute of Play and Digital Promise - for programs that encourage young women and minorities to gain skills in STEM. Read More >> 
Girls Still Lag Behind Boys in Pursuit of STEM Careers, Junior Achievement Says
Gabe Fine, Westword
According to a new survey conducted by Junior Achievement USA, a large gap still exists between the number of boys and girls interested in pursuing STEM-related careers. Read More >>
Pair Female Engineering Students for Projects, and They Flourish
Alicia Roberts, Wake Forest News
Female first-year students earn a higher grade when paired with at least one other female for group projects in introductory college engineering classes, according to new research by a Wake Forest University professor. Read More >>
A Physics Expert Had Her Own Theories Mansplained Onstage-Until One Person Stood Up
John Bonazzo, Observer
"Why does someone like me, with no status in that room, have to be so extraordinarily bold and speak up." Read More >> 
Technology Start-ups Founded by Women Hire More Women
Rachel Sandler, USA TODAY
Technology start-ups with at least one female founder have more women employees than major technology companies and twice as many women employees as start-ups with no female founders, a survey has found.
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There Are So Few Women Running Startups Because Investors Keep Asking Them These Questions
Oliver Staley, Quartz
When questioned by investors in pitch meetings, women are typically asked how they will prevent losses. Men, by contrast, are more likely to be asked about their company's potential. Read More >> 
Women Engineers on the Rampant Sexism of Silicon Valley
Kayla Lacour, Wired
"Imagine you are nothing like how you are right now," says Duretti Hirpa, a senior engineer at Slack. The words tumble out of her mouth as she tries to convey the alienation and otherness of working in Silicon Valley when you don't fit the conventional image of an engineer. Read More >> 
Q&A: Mae Jemison, First Woman of Color in Space, Talks STEM Gaps and Science Fiction 
Dahlia Bazzazz, Seattle Times
Parents need to stop expecting their daughters to be clean and pretty all the time, Mae Jemison said. That's one way they can encourage budding scientists. Read More >> 
The DIY Girls
Brittany Levine Beckman, Mashable
How 12 teens invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless. Read More >> 
Historic Rejection Letters to Women Engineers 
Adrienne Lafrance, The Atlantic
"We have not now, have never had, and do not expect to have in the near future, any women students registered in our engineering department." Read More >> 
NGCP Webinar: Google-Gallup CS Education Data: Further Explorations of Underserved Communities, August 15, 2017, 11:00 AM Pacific. Learn More >>

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