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Dear STEM Leaders,

The NAPE Education Foundation is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for community college faculty in career and technical education (CTE) programs, and high school faculty who teach gateway courses for those programs. 

EE-STEM II 2017-2018 will bring together 6 to 10 teams of community college and secondary CTE educators in one of two locations for Micromessaging to Reach and Teach Every Student professional development, starting with a Summer Institute in 2017, followed by further engagement through Professional Learning Communities over the course of the 2017-2018 academic year, culminating in a Capstone Showcase in summer 2018. 

In access, equity, and diversity,

Sign up to join the Every Student Succeeds with STEM's next Mobilization Challenge webinar on 2/28 at 3pm ET. This expert training session with Social Driver will teach participants to use the social media tools developed to help you promote STEM teaching in your state's ESSA plan.

"What If Female Scientists Were Celebrities?": GE Says It Will Place 20,000 Women in Technical Roles by 2020
Lara O'Reilly, Business Insider
The company also wants to obtain 50:50 gender representation in all its entry-level technical programs, GE announced in a press release on Wednesday. Read More >>
"Hidden Figures" Is Already Inspiring More Girls to Go into STEM
Jenavieve Hatch, The Huffington Post
"We've already seen that effect happen nationally," said actor Aldis Hodge. Read More >>
More Black and Latino Students Learn to Code as Classes Swell
Jessica Guynn, USA TODAY
Ortiz is one of a growing number of students from underrepresented backgrounds gaining access for the first time to curriculum from, which gives them the knowledge and skills to pursue an education and career in computer science. Read More >> 
Berkeley PhD's 4-Step Plan to a STEM Pipeline That Works for Everyone
Brady Dale, Observer
Omoju Miller didn't notice that there were hardly any other black students in the University of Memphis's computer science program until her friends pointed it out. "Why do I find computation and AI endlessly fascinating and people who look like me don't?" she asked herself. Read More >> 
Programming While Black Will Cost You $10,000 in Salary
Michael J. Coren, Quartz
The online hiring platform Hired released its 2017 State of Salaries report. Hired lets candidates post their preferred salaries so that companies can interview them and extend offers. Because of that, the company says, it has unique insights into salary expectations and actual offers. Read More >> 
The Simple Reform That Improved Black Students' Earnings
Emily Deruy, The Atlantic
When states began to require more math courses, black high-school graduates began to see bigger paychecks. Read More >> 
Is the College Board's Newest AP Computer Science Course Closing the Gap?
Mary Jo Madda, EdSurgeNews
Last year, the College Board piloted a new AP course in computer science: AP Computer Science Principles, a program that the organization hoped would engage more females and students of color in computer science. The nonprofit has released data from the pilot. Read More >> 
How Technology Can Help Close the Gender Gap
Sallie Krawcheck, Harvard Business Review
Emerging tools are giving women a host of new ways to empower their professional lives. The implications for companies are significant, as women amass the means and the resources to dramatically change the game. Read More >> 
How We Could Close Tech's Gender Gap in a Decade 
Hayley Tsukayama, The Washington Post
We all know that the technology industry has a gender problem. But how do you move the needle from awareness to action? Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, and Girls Who Code, a nonprofit tech group, have an idea: take the fight to the states. Read More >> 
XY Bias: How Male Biology Students See Their Female Peers
Ed Yong, The Atlantic
In three large classes, men overrated the abilities of male students above equally talented and outspoken women. Read More >> 
Silicon Valley's Gender Gap Is the Result of Computer-Game Marketing 20 Years Ago
TL Andrews, Quartz 
A dip in female enrollment in computer science courses during the 1980s has created a chasm that the past 30 years hasn't been able to overcome-and the dude-centric computer marketing campaigns of that time may be to blame. Read More >> 
Women, Minorities and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering Report Released
The report shows the degree to which women, people with disabilities and minorities from three racial and ethnic groups-black, Hispanic and American Indian or Alaska Native-are underrepresented in science and engineering (with infographics). Read More >>
Accenture Finds Girls' Take-up of STEM Subjects is Held Back by Stereotypes, Negative Perceptions and Poor Understanding of Career Options
New research from Accenture (NYSE: ACN) reveals that young people in the United Kingdom and Ireland are most likely to associate a career in science and technology with 'doing research' (52%) 'working in a laboratory' (47%), and 'wearing a white coat' (33%). The study found that girls are more likely to make these stereotypical associations than boys.  Read More >>
Why Young Girls Don't Think They Are Smart Enough
Andrei Cimpian and Sarah-Jane Leslie, The New York Times
By the age of 6, young girls are less likely than boys to view their own gender as brilliant. Read More >>
Why 'Engineering Barbie's' Pink Washing Machine Defeats the Point
Laura Bates, The Guardian 
The products that engineering Barbie encourages girls to build are limited almost entirely to the realm of fashion and household chores: dresses, a moving clothes rack and a washing machine. And, yes, they are all pink. Read More >>
APEC Women in STEM: A Framework for Dialogue, Learning, and Action provides an "APEC Women in STEM Framework" that organizes challenges and opportunities across four key issues: enabling environment, education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

FabFems profiles women from a broad range of professions in STEM.

The NCSSS 2017 Program Committee invites you to participate in the 2017 NCSSS Professional Conference.

The Black Inventor Online Museum focuses on the ingenuity and accomplishment of the top black inventors over the last 300 years.

NSBE just launched the #BlackSTEMLikeMe: A Reflection of Black Excellence campaign to celebrate African American History Month, Engineers Week, and the Oscar-nominated movie Hidden Figures.
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