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Dear Equity Leaders,

The National Summit for Educational Equity starts in less than 1 month! Please join us to learn about new research, tools, and strategies for improving policies and practices to close achievement, participation, and interest gaps. Highlights include:
Watch our highlight video from a past Summit! I look forward to seeing you soon!

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T he Intercultural Development Research Association is an independent, non-profit organization, whose mission is to achieve equal educational opportunity for every child through strong public schools that prepare all students to access and succeed in college. Learn more >>   

Different Skills, Different Gaps 
US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Burning Glass Technologies
This report examines the skills gap on an occupation-by-occupation basis. Read More >>
Women and Minorities in Tech, By the Numbers
Blanca Myers, Wired
Even as major tech players increase diversity in hiring, wage parity is also a major issue that needs attention. Read More >>
This Stanford Neurosurgeon's Promotion Just Made History
Zameena Mejia, CNBC
Harris recently made history for becoming America's first black female tenured neurosurgery professor. Read More >> 
Researchers Study Perceptions of Anxiety and Women in STEM
Wally Joe Cook, The Dartmouth
A study by a team of researchers from Dartmouth, the University at Buffalo, and Carnegie Mellon University has found that gender affects an individual's perception of women's anxiety in STEM disciplines. Read More >>
HBCUs' Relevance in Diversifying the STEM Workforce
Frances Carter-Johnson et al., Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Global scientific competitiveness of the United States depends on the nation's ability to sustain and grow the STEM workforce. An important approach to this goal is ensuring that groups historically underrepresented (HU) in STEM fields play larger roles that reflect their growth and strengthening influence in society. Read More >>
What We Learn from 50 Years of Kids Drawing Scientists
Ed Yong, The Atlantic
Children are more likely to draw women than in the past-but they become skewed toward sketching men as they get older. Read More >>
Sexual-Minority Students More Likely to Abandon Science Majors
Giorgia Guglielmi, Nature
Undergraduates who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or queer switch to non-science degrees at higher rates than their heterosexual peers. Read More >>
More Than 60% of Teen Girls Regret Not Studying STEM 
Clare McDonald,
A study by Accenture showed that 62% of girls aged 14 or over wish they had studied Stem subjects longer, and 31% of those who regret their choice to drop Stem said the subjects are more relevant than they had previously thought. Read More >>
Why Are There Few Women in Tech? Watch a Recruiting Session
Jessi Hempel, Wired 
Each autumn, businesses flock to elite universities like Harvard and Stanford to recruit engineers for their first post-university jobs. These are the first moments when prospective employees size up a company's culture and assess whether they can see themselves reflected in its future. More often than not, this is the moment when these companies screw up. Read More >>
GM's Mary Barra Urges Action to Boost Women in Science, Engineering
Josh Wingrove, Bloomberg
Governments and companies should do more to attract and retain women and people from other underrepresented groups to science-related fields, a new report co-authored by General Motors Co. Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra says. Read More >>
NAPE's whereabouts in April 2018
April 3: Advance CTE Spring Meeting (DC)
April 10: 100Kin10 Summit (AZ)
April 10: Leeward School District (HI)
April 12: Northeast Iowa Comm. College (IA)
April 16: National Summit for Educational Equity (VA)
April 20: Pima Community College Pathways Institute (AZ)
April 20: Richardson ISD (TX)
April 21: FWISD MM Academy Capston (TX)
April 26: DE PIPE Showcase (DE)

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