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Dear STEM Leaders,

I am pleased to announce that Toyota USA Foundation has awarded the NAPE Education Foundation a $350,000 grant to increase the participation and retention of women and students of color in STEM education leading to careers in advanced manufacturing. During this 2-year project, NAPE will develop a public relations/marketing campaign with promotional tools and outreach strategies for educators to use with students and parents at the K-12 and community college level. Please read the press release to learn more. 
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The 2018 National Summit for Educational Equity is scheduled for April 16-19, 2018, in Arlington, VA.

Students Shouldn't Live in STEM Deserts
Matthew Randazzo, US News & World Report
We need to address disparities in access to high-quality math and science education in the U.S. Read More >>
Low-Income Students Nowhere to Be Found in STEM
Lauren Camera, US News & World Report
A dearth of low-income students in STEM has college officials 'terrified.' Read More >> 
Minority Students Face Cultural Barriers to STEM Education
Deborah Strange, The Gainesville Sun
Two University of Florida professors, no strangers to the entry barriers for minority students in STEM fields, explain how the taunting of minority students in a robotics competition are part of a cultural idea that minority students don't belong in STEM classes. Read More >>
Why Are These 3 STEM Fields Dominated By Women?
Lydia Dishman, Fast Company
Three STEM fields that are disproportionately female can teach other industries about how to boost the ranks to include more women. Read More >>
Efforts to Make Computer Science More Inclusive of Women
This article in a special issue of ACM Inroads magazine describes recent initiatives by NCWIT, ACM-W, and Anita Borg Institute to broaden participation in computing. Read More >> 
How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering
Ed Yong, The Atlantic
They act as a "social vaccine" that protects female students against negative stereotypes and gives them a sense of belonging. Read More >> 
Gender Stereotypes About Coding Ability Start as Young as 1st Grade, Study Finds
Sarah Schwartz, Ed Week
Experience programming robots can make young girls more interested in technology and more confident in their abilities in related subjects. But programming experience didn't diminish girls' gendered stereotypes about STEM ability. The 1st graders in the study, girls and boys alike, thought that boys were better at programming and robots. Read More >>
Here's Why Women, Blacks and Hispanics Are Leaving Tech
Jessica Guynn, USA TODAY
Toxic workplaces - where harassment, stereotyping and bullying occur - are driving away women and people of color, undercutting technology companies' efforts to increase diversity and costing an estimated $16 billion a year. Read More >> 
A New Performance Review Process Could Fight Cultural Bias Against Women at Work
Aliya Hamid Rao, Quartz
In 2017, we still live in a society that's loath to acknowledge women as experts.  
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No Such Thing as a Math Person
Perri Klass, The New York Times
In this blog post, Stanford University researcher Jo Boaler suggests specific teaching strategies may be more effective at closing the gender achievement gap than single-sex classes. Read More >> 
Women's Student Debt Crisis in the United States
This report offers a broad overview of how student debt became a women's issue. It aims to change the conversation around student debt so that it includes gender-based analysis and solutions. Read More >> 
Promoting Community College Student Success: Using Research-Based K-12 Strategies to Enhance Teaching and Learning
May 31, 2017, 1 pm EDT
The Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education is pleased to host the fourth webinar in its series on the minority-serving institutions (MSI) community of practice initiative. Learn More >>
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