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June 27, 2011



TEP PAC volunteers were busy knocking on doors in Metro Council Districts 8, 18, and 22 Saturday.  Here are a few samples of what we saw and heard--a Tea Party sign in a house window, a porch flying the "Don't Tread on Me" flag adopted by the Tea Party, and even a confession from a voter that he is a "closeted Tea Partier."  I'll detail the Right Wing's involvement in our Metro elections below, but before I do that I want to issue two calls to action:

1.  Take a yard sign for your district Council race.  Email us at chris@tnequalityproject.com with your street address and Zip code and we'll see if there is a match with one of our TEP PAC endorsed candidates.  It is vital that they have visibility and you can help.


2.  Commit to vote in this important election.  Our votes will make a difference because turnout is expected to be low.  Early voting begins July 15 and runs through July 30.  Election Day is August 4.  

Equality Consensus
Equality Consensus

Tea Party in "pitched battle" for Nashville


In a June 23 Facebook post, the Tennessee Tea Party wrote:  "We all need to stand with our neighbors and take our local and state governments back. We are in a pitched battle for the city of Nashville and for the Capitol of Tennessee." 

And from whom are they taking our government back?  They're apparently trying to take it back from you and me.  In February, they called our Contract Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance "insidious."

In a May 13 Facebook post, they also celebrated the passage of HB600, which nullified our CAN DO law, by calling on their members to thank legislators who voted for the bill.

The Right Wing is helping anti-equality candidates more than we are helping pro-equality candidates  


1.  They are recruiting volunteers for campaigns.  See point 4 at this link.

2.  Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, a Tea Party favorite who supported the Special Access to Discriminate law and helped push the 2006 marriage discrimination amendment, is actively helping candidates who opposed CAN DO.  In April he held an event in Nashville with conservative groups encouraging candidates to run for Metro Council.  He has also agreed to headline fundraisers for Council Members Karen Bennett, Robert Duvall, and Duane Dominy, who all voted against CAN DO!
3.  The Tennessee Tea Party is helping with a "money bomb" for "solid, conservative candidates" according to a recent Facebook post.
4.  The Tennessee Tea Party is also helping publicize events for candidates challenging some of our endorsed candidates like this one that took place Saturday in District 25.

Stepping up our game

Please, take our call to action seriously.  We've worked very hard with Metro Government over the last four years to make Nashville a welcoming place.  Now all that we have achieved is threatened by statewide Right Wing forces.  Our dedication has to surpass theirs.  Please, take a yard sign for your district candidate, commit to vote, and sign up to volunteer two hours for a pro-equality candidate between now and August 4 by contacting us at chris@tnequalityproject.com .



Thanks for all you do for equality in Nashville!


Chris Sanders

Chair, Nashville Committee 





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