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Plaintalk Blog: Administrating the CO APCD
Alternative Payment Model Shift
Recent Publications: A Snapshot of Hepatitis C in Colorado
Spotlight on Innovation: CHORDS
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June 2016
Plaintalk Blog
Administrating the CO APCD
You spoke, we listened. In late 2015, CIVHC sent out a survey asking for ways to advance our mission - better health, lower costs, and a healthier Colorado. 
We heard a recurring theme; many of you are unclear about what we do and how we do it, and would like to better understand CIVHC and all our moving parts. Additionally, we were asked to clarify the language of claims data and discuss how we interpret this unique information for the stakeholders we serve, from policy makers to providers and consumers. 
This blog is our answer to your call to action. Our inaugural post explains CIVHC's work as the APCD Administrator. 
Alternative Payment Model Shift
Jay Want, MD
On April 27th, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released proposed rules for the implementation of the Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), an act that heretofore was famous for containing the repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). The SGR was uniformly hated by physicians and other providers, as it theoretically put all physicians on one global cap for the nation, such that if utilization went up, the price paid for each service was adjusted down to make the overall cost effect neutral. 
Recent Publications
A Snapshot of Hepatitis C in Colorado
In May, CIVHC released an analysis on Hepatitis C prevalence and treatment in Colorado as part of Hepatitis C Awareness Month. This publication was featured nationally and locally, in media avenues such as The Denver Post and Colorado Public Radio. We continue to drive toward the Triple Aim, using data from the Colorado All Payer Claims Database (CO APCD). Other recent publications include analyses on Payment Variation by Payer and Avoidable ED Use.
Spotlight on Innovation
CHORDS @ Denver Health
Health information for communities is limited. However, recent advances in accessing health care data provide novel methods to identify where disparities may exist. Through the Colorado Health Observation Regional Data Service (CHORDS), in partnership with Denver Metro public health agencies, electronic health record data are accessed using a novel technology to help pinpoint where to target public health dollars and initiatives.
#CIVHCsquad Across the Nation
Recent Conferences
One of CIVHC's goals is to share our knowledge of claims data and highlight Colorado's exciting work to advance the Triple Aim with other innovators across the nation. In the past few months, We've had the pleasure of presenting at prestigious events across the nation. Click on the map to see details.
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