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What the Inventor Scam Companies Don't Want You to Know. 


Every so often, I am approached by an inventor or entrepreneur asking about a particular invention promotion company that they saw advertised on TV, radio or on the web.  

When I'm asked this question, my mind always goes back to a very old, yet very wise rule of thumb: "You'll know who they are by the kind of fruit they produce".  This simple yet profound test always works. If it's a good tree, you're going to get good fruit.  If it's a bad tree, it produces bad fruit that will make you sick or poison you.
This test will certainly bring out the bad apples. But so many new and unsuspecting inventors & entrepreneurs will take a bite of this seemingly attractive fruit that will ultimately poison their finances and time, many times killing their invention or business before it even starts. 

Invention scam companies are truly the payday lenders of the inventing industry. But it's hard to point at and identify these slime-balls by name.  Many of them will get a bad name or a judgment from the FTC, then burrow under some rock, only to spring up somewhere else with a new name and brand new identity.  So how do you know which ones are the bad guys?  By identifying them by what they do.
We help inventors & entrepreneurs with the education, engagement & empowerment to help you know the best strategy for success with your idea.  A great way to start this engagement is to join us at the next
    Inventors Council Louisville Free Open Meeting on    Thursday, June 1st as we hear from  UofL School of Entrepreneurship's Van Clouse .  See all the details below. 

We strive to help you not only avoid wasting thousands of dollars with the wrong service or in the wrong direction, but to spend smart with the wisdom to help you move in the right one. 

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I hope to see you at our next Inventors Council Louisville meeting on Thursday June 1st!


Inventors Council Louisville Free Open Meeting
- At  7:00pm - 

Did you ever want to be able learn from the people who teach business and entrepreneurship to MBA students?Then don't miss the  next Inventors Council Louisville Open Meeting as we hear from: 

Van Clouse
U of L's Professor of

Van is actively involved in developing and building the entrepreneurship emphasis in the UofL's College of Business.

Dr Clouse teaches opportunity discovery, new venture creation, business plan development, corporate and global strategy.  He also serves as a faculty coach for the college's business plan competition program that trains MBA teams to enter national contests.  He started the College of Business New Venture Competition, which awards prize money to the top 3 MBA new-business plan teams

The Forcht Center for Entrepreneurship offers a comprehensive suite of programs that develop and nurture entrepreneurial skills, experiences and opportunities.  These programs have received favorable reviews in US News & World Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, and elsewhere .  

Don't miss this MBA-level opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship & the business of inventing. 
We'll see you on Thursday June 1st 
at 7:00pm!
(Doors open for networking at 6:30pm)

When: Thursday, June 1st, 2017 
9725 Dixie Hwy, Louisville
(Just off the Gene Snyder, Beside Meijer 
& behind the Tumbleweed Restaurant)

NEW TIME:Doors open for networking at 6:30 PM
            Meeting begins at 7:00 PM 


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