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Marian Hirsch will demonstrate fine points of pastel painting at October 24 Members' Meeting

This will be a great opportunity to see and hear from a top master of the pastel medium. Marian is noted for her vivid colors and lively landscape compositions. 
     Marian's Demonstration Statement
The intense, vivid colors and immediacy of application make pastels an individually expressive medium. The directness of the medium often brings a uniquely personal application - like handwriting.
    The brilliance of color is one of the most seductive characteristics of the pastel medium for me. I will share how I approach my own work from inspiration to working methods and will go over many of the resources available today for pastel enthusiasts. I'll be focusing on the visual language of the landscape as nature continues to provide a powerful catalyst in the evolution of my work.
     There is always that moment when light falls on a subject in just such a way that the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Then that creative spark ignites the painting process. Though I spend a lot of time working plein air, my pastels are composed and created in the studio.
About the Artist
This full-time professional artist is a signature member of the prestigious Pastel Society of America as well as Pastel Society of the Southwest.  
    Her pastel paintings have been published in American Artist, Artist's Magazine and International Artist Magazine. Corporations have responded to the richly colored landscapes, and her work is included in numerous corporate collections such as Verizon, Ford Motor Company, AT&T, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Merrill Lynch, Lucent Technologies, Ernst & Young and Dallas Business Journal. Three of her pastels now grace the new Fort Belvoir Hospital. For more about her art, please visit her website.  

PAA Multicultural Show has successful  
run at Gallery@Courtyard.

The exhibit featuring  the work of Plano Art Associat ion
members, in addition to other artists from the North Texas area was themed "Global Reflections. Art, the Universal Language."
A record attendance enjoyed the special reception hosted on September 28, numbering over 200 guests.
The art exhibit coincided with the 13th annual Plano In ternational Festival on October 14 in Downtown Plano.
The Peoples' Choice award winner was PAA member, Miriam Navarro. She received the most votes and was a warded a $200 gift certificate from FLF Moulding for custom framing and a $25 gift certificate from Asel Art Supply.

Among the special speakers at the event was Plano Mayor Pro Tem, Rick Grady. He delivered an amazing speech acknowledging the role of the arts in the Plano Community. The following are excerpts from his speech:

"We don't often get the chance to see these inspirations on display, so this is a wonderf ul opportunity to explore and appreciate how the artists' diverse backgrounds and perspectives shape their work.
Art, in all its form s, is a universal language. A ballet can be written in Russia, a symphony composed in Germany, a portrait painted in France, a sculpture chiseled in Italy, a landscape brushed in China, a play penned in England or a musical scored in Mexico. Yet, we do not need to speak the language of the artist to enjoy the art. Most of these works do not contain words, yet they 'speak' to us, they present to us an emotion.
Thanks to both the Plano Art Association and the Plano International Festival for making this exhibit possible. This unique collaboration builds a strong community and makes Plano vibrant and distinctive."

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped make the exhibit a success.

Beverly Theriault
PAA International Festival sponsor table, October, 14 
Karla Keese
Christina Short
Maureen Watkins
Howard Griesdorf
Diana Beck 
Gaby Pruitt 
Nuray Fuller
Ken Wheatley 
Maureen Jistel
Cyd Olson
Louise Dillard 
Ruth Sidiqi

PAA Studio Tour and Art Market
set for November 4 and 5.
For 13 years. a group of artists in the Plano and surrounding artist community have hosted a tour of their studios each November. This year, PAA has taken on this highly successful event and opened it up to our members.  

It is a
Each studio will be marked with a special yellow sign and a bundle of yellow balloons.
two-day event, scheduled for November 4 and 5 , just in time for h oliday gift-giving purchases of art. Sixteen PAA artists are opening their studios so the public can view their work environme nt and their art work up close. It is a great opportunity not only to show work but to sell it as well. It will be promoted in local media and a special website will present artists' work and guide visitors to each studio and venue.

AramArt Institute
2309 Parker Road near Custer
There will be six PAA    
artists who will be on the tour in an Art Market at AramArt Institute located on W. Parker Road, near Custer, just behind First Eye Care.     

Saturday, November 4 
       10:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Sunday, November 5 
       Noon to 5:00 pm 
Pre-event reception for participants Friday, November 3,
6:30 - 8:30 at Rail Station Studios  

Here's an unobstructed view of the second of the three murals that are now complete. It can be seen on the side of Vickery Park Restaurant across from the DART station on 15th Place in Downtown Plano.

Late evening view of PAA mural in
Historic Downtown Plano

The final three-dimensional mural-type installation being fabricated is to be located at 15th Street and Avenue K in the heart of Downtown Plano. This exciting interactive "Soundwave" design is still on schedule to be completed and installed by the end of the year. It will have an amazing audio interactive component so that the mural actual delivers sounds from Plano's heritage.
Third mural under construction soon 
in Downtown Plano.

Participate in Art Share at the next PAA
Members' meeting, Tuesday, October 24
Bring a couple of pieces of your work by 6:30 to set up to show to your fellow artists. After the brief business meeting and during a break before the guest presentation, all those attending are requested to make a point of engaging with each artist who is exhibiting for the evening.
   All are asked to share insights and a constructive critique of each piece of artwork. This is one of the benefits members derive from membership, the  opportunity to get feedback from fellow artists.

And, there are some other major benefits from sharing your art: ballots will be passed around and the work of one artist will be selected as "PAA Artist of the Month." The award will include a gift certificate from Asel Art Supply, plus the artwork will be exhibited at PAA headquarters at Rail Station Studios and Gallery for an entire month. Another bonus will be to have your art be the first piece viewed on the opening of our virtual gallery on our new website for the month.

    We are also considering dedicating at least one up-coming members' meeting to a professional critique session for artists who want their work critiqued. More details to follow.  


PAA Studio Tour and Art Market 
Saturday, November 4, 
       10:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Sunday, November 5, 
       Noon to 5:00 pm  
PAA Plein Air Event in the park and Downtown Plano
February 16 and 17, 2018, will be held in Downtown Plano, Heritage Farmstead and ArtCentre of Plano. The event is a PAA collaboration with Outdoor Painters Society, Southwest Watercolor Society and ArtCentre of Plano. SAVE THE DATE!
More details to follow.

PAA Holiday Gathering 
(December, details to be announced) 

PAA Members Show 
January 2018 at ArtCentre of Plano    

PAA Fundraising Event
(To be announced)


This month we are casting a spotlight on long-time PAA member Linda Smith. She creates beautiful portraits in oil and pastel. She is a member of the Pastel Society of the So uthwest (PSSW), on the board as Treasurer; Plano Art Association, RCAS; Portrait Society of America (PSoA), and Oil Painters of America (OPA). She is a weekly painter at the PAA Thursday Night Live group.
How do you describe the art that you prefer
to create?

While I have experience painting in many mediums, I am currently focused on painting alla prima portraits in oil. I paint all subject matter but find the portrait and figure the most challenging, compelling and enjoyable.
What drives you to create this kind of art?
In my early 30's I found myself in the "sandwich" generation, caring for older parents who were ill and starting a family and caring for young children. At the end of a long period of care-giving, my husband encouraged me to do something "fun" and signed me up for a couple of art classes through Collin College Continuing Education. I discovered that while I had always done and loved art, that there was an "undeveloped" ability that I needed to pursue. My faith really pushed me to develop this God-given talent and become a good steward of it. I am ultimately motivated by my love of learning and the beauty that God has created in others. I hope that I can reflect that in my portraits.  
What famous noted historical artist do you most admire ? 
I am a fan of the portrait greats: Sargent, Zorn and especially Sorolla, but I think from childhood I have loved Degas and his wonderful work. I also love Caillebotte's work.
What noted living artist do you most admire? 
I feel so fortunate to have been able to study with or watch so many different excellent artists, but I would have to say that the artist who has had the most influence on me is Anna Rose Bain.  I was able to study with her for three years and we have become close friends as a result.  
What goal you are pursuing in your art?
To become more skilled at the craft of photography, to continue finding different ways to use photography as a way to express myself. 
How do you think Plano Art Association benefits artists and the Plano community? 
The biggest benefit the Plano Art Association can offer artists and the city is this like-minded connection and the creativity produced from the connection.

New, improved promotional tools.

We continue to make progress on the PAA website.
Soon, the images many of you have provided of your work to be featured in the on-site gallery. If you haven't sent a favorite artwork image, please do so asap. Send them to (under 5 mb please.)

We have published a small four-page flyer/brochure that explains much of what PAA is all about. We handed out several hundred at the recent Plano International Festival. It will be used at other events and in other venues to spread the word about PAA. (Thanks to Karl Melton for design.) 
    One very specific assist we still need is someone to help with PAA social media posting. If you are social media-wise and have an hour or two a week you could devote to this, it would be a terrific benefit to the organization.  
Please contact us and let up know if you would like to assist in this role, or any another. Contact Linda McCarley at 

MISSION STATEMENT: The Plano Art Association is dedicated to encouraging the visual arts development of the membership, and inspiring awareness of the visual arts by sharing the joy, passion and beauty within and beyond our Plano community.

PAA is sponsored in part with a grant from the City of Plano. 
For m
ore information on wonderful things to do in the City, go to    

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