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August, 2017
Farm-direct, highest quality seeds, plants and goods from us to you! We are simply excited to share the bounty! Plenty of sales items, options for free shipping, and other goodies in this newsletter and in our new fall catalog. Feel free.


Richard Cech
Strictly Medicinal LLC

Order our seed packets only, any number of them, within the US, and the shipping costs are on us.
Please make your seed packet order separately from plants or other items to take advantage of free shipping.

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Those of you on our mailing list will soon receive the exciting FALL/WINTER 2017/18 catalog at your doorstep.  Too excited to wait?

Click here for a pdf of our new fall catalog.

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Medicinal and aromatic herbs, succulents, house plants, permaculture trees, bushes and vines--most of them nicely discounted for fall--our specialty is rare and unusual, medicinal and useful!
Please make your plant order separately from seeds or other items.
Sale ends November 22nd 2017

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Wishing to experience ourselves more perennials on the landscape, we are giving away trees (probably blue elderberry trees, at least as long as they hold out) with all orders of $50.00 or more of plants from our nursery.  We hope people will plant blue elderberries wherever they will thrive--the shade, the berries, the lovely aroma of their flowers is there for all to share.

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Very popular neem oil soap and aromatic sweetgrass from Saskatchewan both now on sale--time to stock up!
These cedar and steel workhorses are ready to hitch to your wagon, and at a discount!  Rave reviews from herbalists purchasing these screens, with applicability anywhere from drying, to sorting, to grinding medicinal herbs.  Available only as long as supplies last.
Introducing Strictly Medicinal Materia Medica Video Course

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Making Plant Medicine,
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Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs (Cultivation, Conservation and Ecology), 2nd edition by Richo Cech
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The Medicinal Herb Grower book Volume 1 by Richo Cech
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May you all plant diversity onto the landscape and sow seeds of food and medicine to feed body and soul of self, family and community. Whether you do it purposely or by chance, may you all plant trees that kiss the sky.

Strictly Medicinal LLC