Dr. Falor is in charge of fund raising ideas for the capital drive. He asks that you please send any idea for fund raisers to him  by clicking here . Keep in mind your ideas should be geared to things that non-members might be willing to come to, e.g., a wine tasting sponsored by St. Augustine’s. So put your creative thinking caps on and email Dr. Falor your ideas.

Speaking of Dr. Falor, he has asked that every one of us download the HQ Live app from either Apple’s App Store for iPhone or Google’s Play Store (or whatever it’s called that loser Android users go to). For the Apple App Store the link is  The idea is for us as a parish to play trivia together with the potential to win a lot of money that we can then donate to the capital fund. Download the app and you’ll see what he’s talking about.  Email Dr. Falor with any questions .

---Fr. Kevin

Young Adult Study This Thursday Night
Young adult study will be meeting Thursday evenings from 7-8:30/9:00. We start this Thursday at the Ealey’s. Next week we will join the church at the fundraiser followed by the study. We plan to finish the initial study in 8-9 weeks. Location subject to change periodically.  Email me  to be added to the communication list.

Putting the FUN in Fundraiser!
St. Auggie's will be holding  fundraiser on Thursday, June 14, at California Pizza Kitchen   on Polaris Parkway  from 11am-9:30pm Download and print  the attached flyer  and give it to your server and  CPK will donate 20% of your bill to St. Auggie's .

Being  the world's smartest man Dr. Falor suggests we all try to meet there at 7pm for some fun and fellowship . I think that's  a splendid idea ! If you can't make it then, please do try to stop by another time and help out our capital campaign drive. 

A special thanks to Cute Kid™  ( Mary Megan Alvarado for   setting this up  for us!

Walk for Life: July 21st
Bob and Beth are participating in the Walk for Life, sponsored by Pregnancy Decision Health Centers (PDHC). Information follows about this organization that
empowers individuals to make healthy life choices consistent with the God-given intrinsic value of every human life.

Here is the link for the Walk for Life. Bob and I will be walking in the Columbus event on Saturday July 21 at 9:00 a.m. I have set up my account as the liaison for the "St. Augustine's Church Team". I did add our church to the sign-up process!

Let's Walk!!!

As you keep our young people in your prayers, consider participating in a new ministry we are going to begin no later than the fall. It’s called Engage and you can read a quick description about it  here . Engage pairs adults with youth to read the Bible one on one, talk about it what you’ve read/what it means for you, and to pray together. This is a great chance to develop significant new relationships as you participate in an important new ministry for the life and health of our parish and to see first-hand the power of God’s word at work.
CLICK HERE  to read/listen to Sunday's sermon.
Sam Buehler has sent out an appeal for mission support through a BUNCO NIGHT or donation. Here is the information:
Ohioans are painfully familiar with the toils of addiction. Amidst the Opiate Crisis we are flooded with headlines. News articles and media. Our home state holds the second highest overdose rate per capita and numbers continue to rise. Treatment centers are overwhelmed, jails are full, and hospitals are flooded with people trapped in the cycle of addiction. The Opiate Epidemic is unprejudiced; it affects loved ones of every walk of life but you can make a difference. Thank you in advance for your support, we can’t wait to see you for the Bunco tournament!... more
Thanks to all who have stepped up to purchase items for teen moms as they go to camp.

The team is gathering after church on June 17th (Father's Day) to put the kits together. If you would like to lend a helping hand, join us!

Thank you!
---Beth Buehler
Writer Wednesday: Why is Transformation So Darn Hard?
Bethany Christiansen is a PhD candidate at the Ohio State University, where she studies Medieval Literature, Linguistics and Medical History. She joined St Augustine's in October of 2016 and considers her theology to be a benign mix of Anglican and Lutheran.  

Like many Christians, I struggle with a fundamental question: "If I, along with all creation, am being transformed by God... why is this so darn hard? Shouldn't this transformation be a bit less painful?"
Even when life seems more or less good, there's always a shadow behind and to the left of our hearts, waiting with an anxiety, a question, a lingering problem hovering just out of thought. It's never easy, never simple, never clean. Even when things are good, our hearts have a way of saying, but there's this  one thing  that is holding me back from complete happiness. Oh God, if only I could have that  one thing,  I would be happy, and never ask for anything else! The prayer then, for me, becomes: Dear God, why are you so viciously preventing me from having that  one thing ? How can I be happy without the thing ? more
We are growing in all sorts of ways at St. Augustine's. From the recent survey of the parishioners, we learned that almost half of those completing the form found our church through the internet. God has graced us with several in the parish with media/marketing gifts, and we will be using those to get the word out about St. Augustine's. Wade and Sara S. presented fresh marketing ideas to the vestry last Sunday. Mary Megan and Deanna have joined the Communications Team to accelerate our use of Facebook and the website. Also, Mary Megan is going to create an Instagram account for us. We have a  Twitter account,  open for use! 

If you have ideas about improving the effectiveness of our on-line presence, let us know. And...if you are interested in contributing on the Communications Team, let me know. And...if you have not checked out our FB page,  click here  and LIKE US! We are striving to reach 350 likes by the end of the year.

The St. Augustine's Men's Chorus performed for the first time on Sunday, June 3rd. Under the direction of Val Bowser, the men sang Let It Be Said of Us by Steven Fry.

Birthday Cake

June 2
Nadine F.

June 11
Kathy D.

June 18
Allen P.

June 24
Wade G.

June 28
Chris S.

June 29
Judy D.
Jeanie P.


June 14
Bob and Beth B.

June 15
Fr. Terry and Deanne G.

June 22
Matt and Aerrinn H.

If we do not have your birthday/anniversary listed, please let Kathy Darling or Fr. Kevin know!

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