December 2017


With calendar year end here, Banyon Data wanted to provide some key information regarding the year end process for Fund Accounting, Payroll, and Utility Billing.  Furthermore, we have highlighted modules that customers say really save time and money during the year end process.
In addition to year end links below under each software heading, we have also added a NEW video help section on our website and it includes excellent videos for 1099 printing and adding a new year for Fund Accounting.  Videos have also been added for common utility billing tasks and we will be adding more throughout 2018.  Take a look at the videos HERE.  
December and January are the busiest times at Banyon Data in regards to support.  We answer many year end calls and hope this information is helpful and avoids support backups for our customers. 
Thank you for being a valued Banyon Data customer.   

Chris Olson
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Fund Accounting
Helpful Year End Links:

(includes how to enter budgets) 

  Fund Accounting Helpful Year End Modules 
Manage Payables: Assign a due date to payments. Expense account is debited and accounts payable credited. When check is paid then accounts payable is debited and cash is credited. Great for year-end when you want an item expended in December, but do not want to pay until January.  (More detail)
Asset Tracking: Our Fixed Assets module will take the place of your spreadsheet and allow you to maintain.  Easy to follow steps for calculating year end depreciation and posting of journal entries.  (More detail)
Popular modules to budget for 2018

Tax tables for 2018 should be available by 2nd week in January. The first payroll can be paid with 2017 tax tables if 2018 are not available yet.

When the tax tables are available we will send out an email notification with a link to download.  If you currently do not receive Banyon update email notifications, please email any employee email addresses that would like to receive the notification.

*Not all customers open the email notifications, so please also check our website by the 2nd week in January to download an update.

Year End Steps for payroll can be found in the year end guide

Popular modules to budget for 2018 


Direct Deposit & Email Pay Stubs 

Electronic Timecard by Banyon 

Electronic Timecard 3rd Party Interface  


Utility Billing
Utility Billing Year End Steps:

1.  On December 31st make a backup and label it 2017 UB Year End (or similar)

2.  On December 31st in the report writer accounts category, print the following reports:  Account Balances, Delinquency, and Undistributed Receipts

3.  From the account ribbon menu select UB tools, then run the System Info report.  This should also be printed on December 31st.

4.  From the reports drop down on the Account SCREEN print the DNR Summary and any EOY labeled reports needed like EOY Taxes.

*To toggle on EOY reports, right click on the account screen, click setup, and choose forms.  Next, click on any EOY reports to display YES.  They will now show in the reports drop down.

*Remember, any report previewed to the screen can be saved as a PDF by clicking on the "Save To PDF Folder" button.  Create a folder and save any reports wanted.  Auditors will want the reports in step #2 so be sure to save those as a PDF or print and file on December 31st.

Utility Billing Helpful Year End Modules
Tier Report/Rate Study: Used to do a rate study.  What if we changed our rates to X amount?  How much revenue would that generate per tier level with the change?  Also used to simply get usage totals by tier for year end analysis.

Certification To Taxes:  Generate a file of delinquent utility customers to send to the county.  The module generates letters that can be sent to the customer and adjust the balances off the account.

Popular modules to budget for 2018

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January 2019 Note
Please be advised that effective January 2019 the annual support fees for all existing customers having annual support for the below products on or before October 1, 2017 will have their support fee increased.  No other support increases.  The only support increases are:

Additional Entity:  $495
Fund Invoicing Module: $295
Meter Device Interface:  $395
Jackie Thoennes
Banyon Data would like to welcome Jackie Thoennes (pronounced "tennis") as a Fund Accounting Software Support Representative.  Jackie has over 14 years of experience with Banyon Data Software as a finance clerk for a Minnesota city and as a Client Services Accountant for a leading auditing firm.

We are thrilled to have Jackie join our staff.
Check Signatures
Did you know that electronic signatures can be printed on both Fund Accounting and Payroll checks?  This is a standard feature offered FREE to all Banyon customers.

Electronic Signature Steps
Software to Budget for 2018/2019
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