Here's a sizzly 18-minute video edited from our Ex TED event, Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm? (More kudos to editor, Mike Flores!) 

18 jam packed minutes from BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A PARADIGM?
18 jam-packed minutes from BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A PARADIGM?


Our April 14th day was designed to be a spur to paradigm change. If you are moved by what you see, please pass this video along to help rally the force that TED inadvertently sparked when it repressed talks by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake and cancelled its license for the TEDxWestHollywood production that went on under the auspice of Mighty Companions, my non-profit entity. As Graham said:
 "These strange events in which we are all caught up will, I think, prove to be of the greatest significance in the long run -- the first serious breach in the dam of rigid materialist thinking that has become such a major block to human progress." 


There is no more vital activity than to wake us up to a next level of understanding that would get us beyond a worldview where greed rules the day. Only from a platform of mutuality can we create a world that works, and let's hope the reaction to what TED has done has enough energy in it to help propel us along that path.


I wonder what TED would say if it actually evaluated the talks it singled out as objectionable enough, sight unseen, to cancel our license. Here they are:


Russell Targ


Larry Dossey


Marianne Williamson


And, for good measure, here's Paul Cummins, who talks about "the new story," which is the perspective I am keen on as the basis of a new worldview:


See if you agree that no forward-thinking entity would have been critical of these beautiful presentations, and then please make some noise to that effect!   

There are other excellent talks. Here's where you can find all the individual presentations, as well as some we selected that are strung together in three long sections: (Fyi, when we were no longer a TED event we went outside of TED's strictures, letting some talks be longer than TED's 18-minute max and including some ideas about off-planet intelligence.)  


Thoughts for using the TED buzz to help encourage a shift of worldview are invited!


PS: In case you missed the last mailing, here's the 4-minute sizzle reel of our day:


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