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4. Private Shuttles

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1. Only Bow River Shuttles


Bow River Shuttles is one of North America's premier fly fishing shuttle services, renowned for its leading-edge service and attention to detail.  But what really sets it apart is its focus on you.

Along the Bow River, only Bow River Shuttles leads from the front.  Whenever possible, the shuttle van leads the customer vehicles in and out of the boat launches as the drivers work their way downstream, providing direct supervision of your vehicle most of the time.

You will find your vehicle's dash board cleaner than when you left it, a handy walk-around checklist for your next time out and several Werther's Original.

Only Bow River Shuttles has in place a Community Support Program (CSP).  This program provides you with a number of services and opportunities, including these annual events: The Back Cast Fly Fishing Film Festival, the Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup and the BRS Used Drift Boat Sale.   A complementary listing service is offered throughout the year for drift boat sellers and buyers.

Through its CSP, Bow River Shuttles also supports a number of local groups, including Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada, Trout Unlimited Canada Fish Rescue Program, Casting for Life, Ducks Unlimited Canada Wetlands for Tomorrow and YWCA Cardel Crisis Housing Fund.

Only Bow River Shuttles offers you a comprehensive local news service.  You will receive timely information on the Bow River, fly fishing on the Bow River, the local fly fishing community and fly fishing generally.  Bow River Shuttles also addresses environmental & conservation concerns, especially those related to water issues. 

This news is provided to you by a newsletter 'The Stimulator' and regular 'River Reports' during the season, as well as by a frequently updated Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter feed. 


Only Bow River Shuttles brings the Bow River to you via its 'Views from the Shuttle Van' photo and video gallery throughout the fishing season.


Only Bow River Shuttles will satisfy the needs of the fly fisher who values personal attention, a high level of service and a business that gives back to the community. 



2. Need a Shuttle? It's as easy as 1,2,3...4!




Do you want to get set up for shuttle service?


Here's all you need to do:


1. Complete our Consent/Waiver form

2. Photo copy your vehicle registration and proof of insurance (pink card)

3. Give us a spare vehicle key

4. Book your shuttle 7-9 pm the evening before your float


For a copy of the Consent/Waiver form, please contact michelle@bowrivershuttles.com


Advance Booking: We require ALL shuttle bookings to be done the evening before your float. Please call 7:00 - 9:00 pm. In addition, letting us know your put-in and take-out points is very important for us in planning the logistics for the next day. We do recognize that occasionally, fly fishing clients may not want to make their put-in/take-out decision until the morning. We will provide flexibility for that. However, we MUST know the evening before that you are going to need a shuttle.


Scan & Email: michelle@bowrivershuttles.com 


Courier/Personal Delivery/Regular Mail:: 1279 Lake Sundance Cres S.E. Calgary, AB. T2J 2S7



Shuttle Rates: 


Regular boat launches: $37.00 to $106.00


Private shuttles: from $53.00, $85.00 & $127.00.




3. Rational Pricing


My pricing structure is similar to virtually every other shuttle service in North America.  It is based on several factors, including travel times and distances.  Urban shuttles and those closer to the city are less.  Those further downstream are a bit more.  



4. Private Shuttles


The vast majority of our shuttles are picked up and dropped off at the seven regular boat launches along the lower Bow River.


Occasionally, we receive a request for a put in or take out at a location other than the regular boat launches.  Usually from fly fishers using pontoon boats or fishing rafts.


We are pleased to accommodate 'private shuttles'.




5. Bow River Drift Boat Rentals


Clackacraft Rental



The following are included in your fee:


� well outfitted boat, including knee braces and Bo's foot release anchor system.

� life jackets, throw bag, whistle, bailer, sponge, spare paddle and spare anchor net.

� the shuttle of one personal vehicle

We can also provide the following items for complementary use:


� basic first aid kit

� river fishing maps

� large fishing net with rubber net

� coolers (24 can/15 litre size) suitable for day trip

� frozen Ice-Paks


Several options are available, including delivery to, and pick-up from, the river.


From only $86 per person* for a day on the river.


* based on triple occupancy


Recommended reading


"Float-Fishing Strategies: Tactics and Techniques for Drift Boats, Rafts, and Pontoon Boats" by Neil Streeks


Available at your favourite Calgary fly shop


South Fork Skiff Rental



6. Back Cast Fly Fishing Film Festival



Since bursting on the scene in 2008 as Calgary's first-ever fly fishing film festival, film fest goers have been treated to several films every February from some of the best fly fishing film producers on the planet.


Our screenings have included films from Felt Soul Media, Beattie Outdoor Productions, Confluence Films, Gin Clear Media, Gray Ghost Productions and many others.


In 2011, we expanded our program to include short films from amateur film makers.  We were pleased to award Best Film to Dave & Amelia Jensen from Jensen Fly Fishing Productions for their film 'Q the X'.


The Back Cast FFFF is an awareness raiser and fund raiser for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada.



7. Bow River Shuttles: Used Drift Boat Sale



This annual event, which began in 2006, has provided a venue for local drift boat sellers and buyers to come together in one location.


It is held in April in conjunction with, and in support of, the TUC-Bow River Chapter 'Tackle Swap'


The BRS Used Drift Boat Sale is supplemented by a complementary listing service in my newsletter 'The Stimulator' which is offered year round for drift boat sellers and buyers. 



8. Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup



Photo courtesy: Yellowstone River Clean Up


The Bow River, between Calgary and Carseland, has a well deserved reputation in the fly fishing community of being a world class "blue ribbon" trout stream.


However, there are some who float the Bow who seem oblivious to this, and who treat our river as a garbage dump.


Initiated in 2010, the 'Blue Ribbon Bow River Cleanup' invites all Bow River fly fishers to join hands as part of a "Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup" (GCSC) event scheduled for the third weekend in September each year.



9. The Stimulator


"The Stimulator has become an important resource for southern Alberta fly fishers..."   - Jim McLennan, Fly Fish Canada Magazine, Aug 2007


Since 2002, my newsletter has covered a wide range of fly fishing topics.  News related to the Bow River and the local fly fishing community dominate the content, with some provincial topics also included.  Occasionally, a subject of North American or global interest is covered.  


Each issue features an 'environmental/conservation concerns' segment, covering fisheries, riparian habitat, wetland, watershed or water topics.


The subscription is complementary, and is available to any interested person. 



10. River Reports


Dave D. 314X

Photo courtesy: Dave D.


"It has become much easier to keep tabs on the Bow through the...weekly e-mail reports of Michelle Magotiaux of Bow River Shuttles".   - Bob Scammell, Calgary Herald, Sept 2004

Our River Report, which began in 2004, has always been based on the "Leave a penny...Take a penny" concept.

You "leave a report" for your fellow fly fishers after your day on the Bow River.  Then you "take" other fly fishers' reports (I.e. read & enjoy) when you can't be on the river yourself. 

We also provide information on flies and hatches, river flow rates, water temperature and weather.  There are short segments on river etiquette and fly fishing tips.

The subscription is complementary, and is available to anyone who requests it.



11. Views from the Shuttle Van  



Each week, as we move in and out of the boat launches along the Bow River, we keep our eyes open for interesting images.


We share that collection in our River Reports, as well as on our social media sites.


We hope you enjoy them.



Happy Fishing!


Kindest regards,

Michelle Magotiaux


Bow River Shuttles

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Our Mission Statement

To move vehicles in a safe, courteous, efficient manner, while exceeding customer's expectations with outstanding service.


To give back to the community by supporting: Opportunity Works, Trout Unlimited Canada Fish Rescue Program, Ducks Unlimited Canada Wetlands for Tomorrow and Casting For Life.

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