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May 17, 2013
Company News


Last Friday night, Linda attended the first play reading of Pollywood, by award winning writer/director/producer Andrzej Krakowski at the Director's Theater New York, where there was not an empty seat! Pollywood (PWN, 2011), a best selling book in Poland, is about the origins and personalities of the film industry, from its inception, which was started by Polish Jewish immigrants who all arrived in the U.S. during the Great Immigration from 1880-1920. Pollywood tells the story of these colorful, larger than life pioneers, from Samuel Goldwyn, Louis B Mayer, The Warner Brothers, etc., and how each created a unique segment of the industry from the moveable projector, silent movies, black and white to color, to speaking movies and multi-plex theaters. 


Linda is very happy to be representing Andrzej's book, Pollywood, which is the first in a series for the English-speaking market. 


Spotlight On Our Authors
carrie morganTop Marketing Influencers Join Carrie Morgan!

Langtons International Agency has the pleasure of representing Carrie Morgan and her book, Digital Haystack. Author Carrie Morgan has worked for more than twenty years in private and corporate marketing for companies such as American Express Financial, Better Business Bureau and Fidelity National Title. She also writes for Social Media Today, MarketingProfs, PR Daily and Convince & Convert. Her book, Digital Haystack, will include insight and predictions from six of the industry's most notable experts, and will recommend specific PR tactics to help professionals integrate these new skills, which will be equally beneficial for the lay person interested in PR and marketing. 

New Review for Fear of Our Father
Fear of Our Father (Berkley Publishing, June 2013), a true story of abuse, murder and family ties, written by our clients Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M. Kananen, was just reviewed by Marti Rulli, author of Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (Medallion, 2009). Rulli says, "If ever a story existed to change your conviction that there's no such thing as justifiable murder, Fear of Our Father is it. But most of all, you come away with a vision of two young girls and one young boy you wish you could have rescued, and you hope you learned enough to recognize them in other places, maybe right next door." With what has just come to light in recent days in Cleveland, Ohio, under the roof of kidnapper and rapist, Ariel Castro, Fear of Our Father is a frighteningly relevant today. Fear of Our Father  available here
Fear of our father
10 Things to Look For When Revising Your Novel

Dear novelists! We hate to break it to you, but once you finish writing your book, closing the page of the last chapter, with that perfect sentence that sums up your whole marvelous story, the work is far from over! The first draft is just that: a draft! To make a book a masterpiece, it takes multiple revisions through editing. Book Marketing International can help you make your book a bestseller, but most of the work falls on you. Here are some tips to help you revise your book to make it ready for publishers.

  1. Title. A great title can sell your book.
  2. Character arc. Do your characters evolve from beginning to end?
  3. Building Suspense. Does your story make readers want to turn the page?
  4. Redundancy. Is there too much repetition of sentences, paragraphs and chapters?
  5. Opening and Closing Chapters. Is the beginning of the chapter as interesting as the end? Does the ending encourage the reader to start the next chapter?
  6. Show. Don't Tell. Do you draw conclusions for the reader? Show us action, and let us be the judge.
  7. Dialogue. Does your dialogue seem authentic? Or can we tell there was someone writing it? It helps to speak dialogue out loud. 
  8. Pacing. Is there enough action and enough time to breathe?
  9. Speed Read. Read your novel quickly to see the big picture and where your book needs work.
  10. Cliches. Look for phrases you use continuously and find better ways to express yourself.
Industry News 

Book Sales Looking Up 

In 2012, trade book sales rose by 6.9%, accumulating over 15 billion dollars. Total e-book sales rose 44.2%, which accounted for 20% of trade revenue for the year. BookStats also confirmed that sales through online retailers also rose 21%, while sales through brick-and-mortar outlets fell 7%. The full BookStats report will be released in June. More Information


Microsoft Won't Buy Nook Media 

It was released Monday from Insider Monkey that the supposed offer from Microsoft to buy Barnes & Noble's Nook Media group was just a rumor. Neither B&N nor Microsoft will comment, but sources says Microsoft has no intention of acquiring the Nook Unit. More Information

 Upcoming Events 
Jodi Picoult's Birthday, Monday May 19th.
Happy birthday to novelist, Jodi Picoult, born May 19, 1966. Monday will mark her 47th birthday!
Taking the Time to Write to Innovate at Inc39.Com, New York, NY @ 6:00pm, Thursday, May 30th. 
Anne-Laure Fayard will be discussing the power of writing, its importance in today's world and how it is essential to the creative process and innovation. Cocktails and reception will follow. More Information
Writing Across Borders at SUNY Empire State College @ 8:00am, Saturday, June 1st
The National Writers Union invite you to "Writing Across Borders," an International Writers Conference. Includes breakfast and lunch, panels, literature tables, and breakout sessions. More Information
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