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Your Polychem e-blast - brief news & updates
Happy new year from all at Polychem! We hope your new year has got off to a flying start and wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016! There's lots happening at Polychem, including our new mobile friendly e-blast, so keep your eyes peeled for exciting new colors, effects, troubleshooting tips and updates from the team.
Metallics make Polychem sparkle
Making your powder coatings sparkle is easy. As well as adding sparkle to ANY RAL shade or clear coat, check out some of these popular Polychem sparkles from our color collections:
Enchanted Lilac (PRSS93041PT) and Enchanted Sea (PRSS 91826PT) are both from the Enchanted collection which offers a delicate shimmer to soft tones.
Auto Star Black (PRSF94199PB) and Auto Silver (PRSL 94187PB) from the automotive collection are bright, dazzling metallic shades.
Powder Titanium (PRMS 90646PB) and Crystal Lt. Gold (PRSL 90599PB) from the ever popular Classic collection never fail to impress.
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Polychem 2016 Color Trends Released
Offer your customers the latest color trends!
The annual Polychem color collection is now available. 5 beautiful color palettes of 10-12 colors each, based around trends that are happening right now. For more information on each trend and to see online versions of each color, click here.
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Multi-sparkle clear blows coaters away
A custom formulated multi-sparkle clear had the coaters it was created for "head over wheels" happy. Excited by the great value custom formulation options in 5lb minimums, Jaryd at King Coatings enthused " Your Polychem team blew away our customers with the multi sparkle clear that was formulated for us. I shot it over a few different colors and it is a knockout finish". Check out this pink bike they did with it!
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Trouble Shooting tips 
Q. I'm having problems with the varied metallic appearance in certain areas of my powder coated object. Any suggestions?

A. In most cases this is caused by one of two things. It may be caused by a variation in the cure cycles, which can be remedied by maintaining the temperature at a consistent level. It can also be caused by a variation in the distance between the powder gun and object. this is easily remedied by keeping a constant distant between the powder gun and the object being coated.
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