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August 6 - 7th 2014 
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Frustrated Guy   
There are few topics that I feel this passionate about. We've brought it up before, but in today's changing marketplace it's never been more important.  
In recent FreePromoTips issues, the concerns over changing business models in our industry have been addressed. 
There is good reason to be concerned, but ultimately we are the ones who can control our business success. Some invest time in calling out companies that operate in ways they aren't comfortable with; others focus on building their business, understanding and accepting today's market conditions. 
A key business-building component in this marketplace is to benefit from the education that is available, and nurturing relationships. A variety of tools are available to us. In this issues article, Pondering Life's Milestones we cover the topic in some detail. Enjoy. 
This issue also features video reports from Expo East including short videos on hot new products and selling ideas you probably haven't seen.


Looking ahead, The SAAC Show in beautiful Long Beach, California is coming up August 6-7. Full disclosure here, this is MY Regional Association event. Come enjoy the cool ocean breezes, while benefitting your business. We'll have some great education and networking opportunities! 
Make it a great day!   


Jeff Solomon, MAS

 Here's a Few Beneficial Take  
Away Points from Atlantic City! 

Kathleen Booth from Quintain Marketing talks crushing the competition with content marketing. 


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Pete Mitchell from Samsonite explains the opportunity we have to make money selling branded products 


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Jeff Lederer from Prime Line talks about product safety. I learned something new about popular charging devices.

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 for the video!  



Dave Regan from the Vernon Company shares discusses the benefits of investing in yourself.


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A brain trust of Regional Association Executive Directors offer their insight on industry involvement.


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Video Reporting from Expo East Was Brought
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Pondering Life's Milestones...A Must Reed! 


My family celebrated a milestone occasion when my son graduated from high school. 



I am sure many of you can relate to these significant education accomplishments, either as a proud parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle.

If you will indulge me just a moment...Ryan has turned out to be a great kid. He is smart, a talented drummer, a leader at our church and has a desire to help others. His plans include going on to college to continue his education as he establishes himself in whatever career he chooses in life. He iz vary smart!


My life's career led me into the promotional marketing industry and I love it. In addition to my distributor business, I have the privilege of publishing FreePromoTips.com, which allows me to help distributors, and suppliers build their business in a variety of ways. That's rewarding to me.